Saturday, July 23, 2016

Khaled Elomar kerfuffle shows that Q and A is up to its usual tricks

Not at all surprised by recent revelations about this Muslim guy (Khaled Elomar) in the Q and A audience who blamed Pauline Hanson for Islamophobic abuse he claimed to have suffered in the street. Seems he wasn't just some Muslim everyman but a bloke with a big time grudge -- as well as a few, er, problematic attitudes himself. Sooo obvious that letting him ask his "question" was yet another set up by their ABC.

And boy do they have form on this. There was Zaky Mallah, then Duncan Storrar, now Mr Elomar. Q and A relentlessly pushes their treasured PC narrative and it keeps blowing up in their faces. Not only do they keep doing this ad-farkin'-nauseam, but they absolutely refuse to admit even the tiniest touch of political bias.

Check out their unblushing response to criticism of the selection of Mr Elomar:

“People with strong, differing and often contentious views appear on Q&A, in the audience and on the panel – that is how the program is designed. Q&A provides a safe place to talk in a constructive way about vitally important issues that often inflame people’s passions.”

That's just hilarious. Makes the show sound like something truly democratic, organized purely for the purposes of free, open debate, right?

But it's sooo obvious how stage-managed it is at every stage. Check out the show's Twitter feed. Snowcone Tones's tweeps constantly suggest topics for discussion.

Then they make sure that right-on types outnumber the righties on the panel ... And there'll almost always be at least one audience member to offer some sob story clearly intended to shame the (usually) lone conservative panellist and portray him as a bad person, guilty of wrong-think. The left-heavy audience dutifully jeers and sneers up a storm and the socialist slebs on the panel enthusiastically indulge in tag team bullying as well.

It's a relentlessly ugly and primitive spectacle and says so much about the vicious, hateful culture behind it. The production team's brazen denials of the bleedin' obvious just make it even more puke-worthy!

But hey, that's okay ... In the end these arsehats are just fuelling support for those whom they demonize. They may be able to bully them on their turf. But the long term outcome is a gradual erosion of support for their ideology. And that's certainly a net benefit for the nation.

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