Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pauline Hanson vs sensitive Sam Dastyari et al on Q and A

Q and A was on last night and it featured Pauline Hanson. Goes without saying that Snowcone Tone and his team of concerned elves engineered the whole event as a pack attack on the "controversial" Queenslander. The other panellists, who in major part all owe their positions of power and influence to their obedience to the sinister dictates of political correctness, behaved as expected.

The creepily robotic Larissa Waters, who always reminds me of a Stepford wife, repeatedly indulged in nasty, gutless dog whistling. Government jellyback Simon Birmingham dutifully mouthed the hackneyed right-on cant. You could tell by his halting, tremulous delivery that his heart wasn't in it. He was just doing Turnbull's bidding, of course.

There were many other snide attacks, along with interruptions, mostly from the blokes. Will our "feminists" arc up about this, er, patrarchial pile-on, I wonder? Of course not! The blushing violents don't give a flying fark about women generally -- especially ones who think for themselves. Fact that Hanson is working class triggers the snobby sob sisters, also.

Prolly the most shameless sliming came from Sam Dastyari. There was a hilarious interchange during which he whopped on a ginormous pair of clown shoes and kicked himself repeatedly in the head with 'em.

Desperately trying to make the whole issue of Islam in this country all about him and his dewicate wittle feewings, sensitive Sam said that if Pauline had her way a few decades back then he, as a Muslim, wouldn't have been allowed into Australia at age five.

Hanson called him out on this and asked if he was a Muslim. Dastyari was very evasive. Made him look even dodgier than he usually appears to be -- which is saying something.

So, it seems that he might not actually be a dinkum, practising Muslim. If so, he was clearly claiming victimhood by deceit. How unedifying.

Not only that, his answer revealed the totalitarian soul of that religion. He said merely by being born in Iran -- a theocracy -- he was by default a Muslim. How creepy is that?

So his family came to Australia -- presumably because of Iran's oppressive religious culture. Their actions speak a whole lot louder than his cheap and easy words, don't ya reckon?

Usually Labor's "hollowmen" are behind the scenes. This empty vessel is out front, flying the flag of his fakery!

And to think that he's one of his party's movers and shakers. Really, Labor, is Sam Dastyari the best you can do? Hang your heads in shame.

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  1. Though Iran is notoriously unfriendly to the pre-Mahometan religions in the country (and extremely nasty to the post-Mahometan and indigenous religion, Bahá'íism), it would be news to those persecuted minorities that being born in Iran would make someone a Mahometan. The Islamic Consultative Assembly, for instance, actually has five (out of 270) seats reserved for members of minority religions—three for Christians, one for a Jew, and one for a Zoroastrian.
    Mrs. Hanson might have been astonished to hear that Sen. Dastyari could consider himself a Mahometan by his lack of beard; after all, according to learned imams, every Mahometan man ought to maintain a beard at least as long as his fist.
    Perhaps Sen. Dastyari ought to head down to his local mosque and explain why he supports beardlessness and same-sex “marriage” and allowing women equal rights to men.