Friday, July 15, 2016

Will the Nice attack be the last straw for the French Government? Better be!

I really can't get my head around how sick and twisted the ideology of Islamic State actually is. Every time they attack it's more barbaric. Opening fire on people trapped in a nightclub is horrific enough. But now ISIS goons are running people over with trucks!

And you've gotta wonder just how much more of this evil shit the French government tolerates before doing something really decisive. Will the Nice terrorist attack be the last straw for France? Is the state gonna round up those it knows very well sympathise with ISIS and throw them in jail, as well as enact serious immigration law changes to stop any more of them getting into the country?

I bloody well hope so because they have to do something really decisive, even if it isn't completely successful. If they don't people will take matters into their own hands, and a civil war is on the cards:

Growing tensions between the ‘extreme Right and the Muslim world’ have pushed France to the ‘verge of a civil war’, the country’s most senior security chief has warned.

Patrick Calvar, head of the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) – France’s equivalent of MI5 – made his claim in the wake of last year’s terrorist attacks on Paris.

And similar developments are increasingly likely in other European countries -- most notably Germany. Germans across the political spectrum are reeling from the recent deluge of Islamic immigrants into their country. And being told that they must be the ones to make adjustments, rather than the new arrivals, adds insult to injury.

Sure, they haven't suffered Islamist violence on anywhere near the same scale as France. But events like the mass rapes in Cologne, along with mainstream media and government lies about them, have concentrated the people's anger even further.

If Merkel and her mates don't do a rapid about-face, and soon, things are gonna go to a whole new level there as well. Actually, could be far worse in that country. As history tells us, the Krauts tend not to pussyfoot around in matters of conflict.

Obviously we haven't yet reached this powder keg level of tension here in Australia. But it's only a matter of time. We've already had two lethal Islamic State attacks in Sydney alone. The odds of some blood-lusting goon desperate to slaughter his way to Paradise going crazy in some popular Sydney night spot are increasing by the day.

The NSW Government claim to be doing all they can to stop such a crime being committed. But presently Premier Mike Baird seems far more focused on the welfare of possums, piglets, and greyhounds than he is on people. This attitude -- along with the general refusal to deny the nature of the whole Islamist terror threat by the political class and MSM -- fills me with dread, TBH.

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