Saturday, July 16, 2016

Abbott's take on Nice attack triggers lefties. They can't handle the truth!

Lefties just get sillier and sillier. They really do live in a parallel universe pretty much their entire lives. So they find even the most reasonable statements impossible to deal with.

Take Tony Abbott's take on the significance of this horrifically cruel terrorist attack in Nice.

"This is the problem. Islamist terrorism - if this is what it turns out to be - has been incredibly creative when it comes to new and even very mundane ways to kill people," he told Fairfax Media.

Mr Abbott says during his time as prime minister he was advised that Australian homegrown terrorists were exploring creative ways to launch attacks here.

"They're always trying to find news ways to create havoc," he said.

No sane, halfway rational adult would find these comments unreasonable. He's just stating unpalatable truths, after all. But lefties on Twitter and elsewhere are losing their shit big time over them.

As well as being intensely allergic to reality, the finger-wagging arsehats are world class hypocrites. Hell, if anyone is guilty of scaremongering it's them. Take Mediscare, or their relentless campaign to terrify children about "climate change", for example.

But back to Abbott: As PM he accumulated heaps of detailed knowledge about the nature of the terrorist threat, so what if he were to say nothing? If a large scale attack were to occur -- especially an unorthodox one like the one in Nice -- he'd be accused of keeping us all in the dark wouldn't he?

Abbott is saying these things because he doesn't look down on Australians and see them as children who need to be told soothing lies to make them docile. That is what the left-leaning Turnbull is doing. He, like so many world leaders, prefers to ignore the true root cause of the problem -- not poverty or the West's past wrongs, BTW -- but Islamist ideology. So he's just poncing about blathering about solidarity with France and how we should be tolerant of diversity ... and all that other BS.

Lefties think that Turnbull's jellybacked, condescendingly elitist reaction is the way to go. But not only is it an abrogation of his duty as the nation's leader, it's also one of the reasons we have this problem in the first place. Just wringing your hands and mouthing a few platitudes won't cut it. It's time for Turnbull, along with many other world leaders, to bloody well grow a pair, name and define the enemy and their methods of recruitment and do something decisive to defeat them!

The odds of that happening are very slim indeed, however ... I think what's going to happen is that Abbott's warnings will go unheeded, and we will have a horrendous Nice or Bataclan-style ISIS attack on our soil. If that doesn't make Turnbull and his government wake up and get pro-active I don't know what will.

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  1. .... the fascist Left (feels - Leftards being incapable of forming ideas) Turnbull's jelly-backed, elitist reptilian-brained reaction is IS the way to go. But (in Malcolm Fraser) that kind of telegraphing of an inability to anticipate, is the reason we imported this problem. That claque's wringing of its hands and mouthing a few platitudes has never cut it, does not, now -- and will not -- ever. It's time for Turnbull and for the world's leaders to pull on some big-boy pants, to name and define the enemy -- and to to defeat it ...!

    There's fat hope of that. Those of the Malignant-Envy-driven fascist Left lean into and embrace their different-only-in-Degree and otherwise ideologically-conjoined islamic twins, because islam's threat to We Who Are Right and to all else Good and Successful, both gives joy to the Left and empowers it.

    And then there is the other dirty little secret, that though "Trousers" Fraser might (like Turnbull) have been too much the dullard -- and also too depraved, too drunk and too distracted by the likes of Memphis Tennessee whores -- to have a clue of the consequences of his actions, such manifestations of evil as the traitor, Whitlam and as Al Grasby and Hawke and Keating and others knew damned well that multiculturalism and PC were Marxist-Institute/Frankfurt School tyrannies engineered to destroy every culture into which they were ever introduced. And that Australia would be no exception.

    And, thus, the inevitable attacks in Australia will not be despite nor incidental to but will be consequential to the actions and activities of such Leftarded haters as Turnbull et al ... Who will have - like the traitor, Whitlam, been either consciously involved in or - as was the habitually drunk, Fraser, oblivious - to the coming consequences of their errors in having imported the hundreds of thousands of unassimilable moslems. Whose particular psychopathology - analogous to a metastasizing cancer within the Body of Mankind - has - in 1400 years - altered only to become more murderously insane.