Sunday, December 22, 2019

MSM, greenies push "climate emergency" con to hide truth about fires

The longer this whole fire crisis continues, the more I'm convinced it's a giant psyop. The sheer number of arson attacks this year is really suss and should be the actual story that the mainstream media are investigating, and aggressively. But as usual they are cranking out the fake news.

The big "story" is how so many people are totes angry with ScoMo because he buggered off to Hawaii with his family as the fires raged. But this crowd is not representative of the rest of Oz. They are mostly the usual whining lefties on social media. And if they care so much why don't they help put out fires themselves, like Tony Abbott does every year?

No way. Too much effort. And not only do they (and the media) ignore Tony for doing this, they've even been known to condemn him for it. If ScoMo had joined Abbott they would've mocked him for that too.

The Greens have seized on the PM's absence and exploited it aggressively, natch.

The "response that is above politics" he wants is official commitment to insane emissions targets that will hand billions of dollars to already filthy rich oligarchs and do absolutely nothing to solve this problem of gobal warming -- because it doesn't fricken exist!

Dick's angle here reminds me of Tim Costello saying "climate action isn't political, it's being held hostage by politics and we need to free it". It's a typical leftie con. It's meant to trick us into believing that they have our best interests at heart, when the opposite is true.

They always use deception (alternated with intimidation) because they know they can't win the argument. So, this is a way of getting what they want (top down control over us) without actually having one.

Mr Skivvy has many fellow travellers in the MSM who help push the whole scam by constantly invoking emotions -- prolly unknowingly because they're such child-brained muppets. "That ScoMo is such a big bad meanie. So heartless!"

The big outlets also keep peddling more general lies about this "climate emergency", employing an old fave, false equivalence. Take this story. Obviously smoke blanketing a city of millions for weeks on end is a massive public health problem. But the smoke is the result of fires, caused in major part by arson.

If a doctor or other medical professional believes climate change is the cause of them and that climate action (ie pretty much crippling our entire economy by shifting to piss-weak, unreliable renewables) is the solution then he's not being rational and has let his emotions take over. Shouldn't be trusted with any other diagnosis, IMHO.

The fact that so many of them dutifully promote this bollocks narrative shows the terrifying extent to which warmists have hijacked institutions -- and surely the mainstream media is the most converged of these. It's basically the globalists' propaganda arm. So when Doug Cameron tweets this it's pretty ironic.

That's because the mainstream media itself is a shallow stunt in the sense that it's fake as and not the truly independent, fearless collective of truth seeking investigative journalists it purports to be.

In any case Labor pollies have form for shallow media stunts. Hot Albo himself has been performing them in recent days.

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  1. The louder they squawk climate emergency, the more I wonder what they're trying to distract the citizens from.
    The large number of fires being deliberately started, perhaps. Looking too closely at that might reveal some connections between the arsonists and the climate wailers.