Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Links between the MSM's fake news, pedophilia in high places … and Antarctica

If you are, like me, a right-leaning conservative or libertarian type, or even a left-liberal who's had a bloody gutful of all this PC crap, you've prolly been keeping an eye on a lot of the developing obsessions of what can loosely be called the alt-media. Which is why you would almost certainly have heard about Pizzagate, and how the MSM are desperately trying to “debunk” it. (Correction: They're frantically denying it by saying it has been debunked, which it clearly has not.)

Now, more than a few “online investigators” have clearly gone way OTT on this issue, letting their imaginations run wild. They've, er, spirit-cooked up surreal scenarios in which world leaders rape and sacrifice kids in satanic rituals, then drink their blood!

Now, I don't think the situation is quite that dire. But there's clearly something really sick and twisted going on that involves pedophilia and human trafficking that many extremely powerful, well connected people (in Washington DC mostly) want to keep secret at all costs.

It's telling that the term “fake news” entered the mainstream media in a big way at about the same time there was a massive explosion of online interest in claims that a pedo-ring is somehow associated with a pizza joint in DC.

I don't think this was the only reason for it, though. “Fake news” is an all-embracing term that can be used to discredit any competing narrative such as “climate change denial” or the view that Islam is anything other than a “religion of peace”. Still, the term clearly got a massive boost in the wake of Pizzagate and is often associated with it.

But given the kind of tosh the MSM have been cranking out lately including the Russian hookers stuff and numerous hate crime hoaxes on campuses there's a massive irony here: Those most zealously warning against “fake news” are the ones most likely to be broadcasting it. It's projection personified!
The reason for this is pretty clear: CNN, the New York Times and other big US media outlets are not just ideologically biased; they're massive corporations whose owners are fully paid up, card carrying members of the globalist elite.

These guys aren't just fat cats. They're corpulent lions and tigers ... who own fleets of jaguars, natch! They've been pulling most of the strings for ages now, and they've managed to do it on the sly because the MSM -- who've long had near total control of most people's perceptions of current affairs and politics -- were firmly under their command.

We often hear about the West versus Islam. And sure, that's happening. But the other big, and closely related, "cold war" we're currently engaged in is the one between globalist elites and various nationalist movements growing apace in Europe, the USA and even down here in Oz. One of its major fronts is the media. It's an epic duke-fest over competing narratives.

With the rise of Trump, the mainstream media monopoly on journalistic truth has been well and truly busted -- perhaps permanently. He and his many supporters managed to get around the PC narrative to shed light on what Hillary and the Democrats were really up to with their creepy globalist cronies. That had heaps to do with why he won.

They achieved this mostly by using social media, which is how many -- if not most -- of us prefer to get our news these days. Even though the biggest players in this sphere -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- are part of the globalist power base, and are playing “whack a mole” with certain influencers to stop the spread of politically incorrect, anti-globalist narratives on these platforms, they are fighting a losing battle. There are just too many users on there to control completely.

So the elites and their “journalist” lackeys are getting increasingly desperate. And things really seem to be coming to a head -- particularly pertaining to pedophilia in high places.

In the last week or so there's been a lot of alt-media chatter about how Trump and his army of swamp drainers have started going for the long-protected, extremely powerful rock spiders in American politics. It seems likely that jaw-dropping revelations involving some household names will unfold in coming weeks.

If true, this would no doubt constitute a death blow to the globalism-media complex. Which is why they need a yuuuge distraction.
Now, there's a theory gaining traction in the alt-media that Antarctica (of all places!) might supply this. Seems a lot of international luminaries have lobbed there recently, purportedly to see some mysterious objects buried under the ice -- perhaps even the remnants of a lost civilization. Mystical, New Age types have even been talking up a UFO connection! (I'm very skeptical about the veracity of these claims BTW. Finds like this are reported from time to time, and they usually turn out to be outright hoaxes, or at least discoveries whose significance is highly exaggerated.) 

Anyhoo, there's a widespread belief that the globalists, in a kinda “Hail Mary” move, will, through the MSM, beat up some super-duper-mega-uber fake news about Antarctica -- a shock and awe blitz about a game changer for humanity that will make any other news seem like extremely small beer. 

Now, I know this sounds completely and utterly whacked out, truther-level stuff. And frankly if anyone had told me I'd be writing a blog post like this even a few months ago I woulda laughed in his face!

But given what's transpired recently it's very clear that the mainstream media have long been peddling massive porkies at the behest of their super-rich masters. They still keep trying it on because they've been getting away with it for decades and haven't yet figured out that we just don't believe them anymore. So why wouldn't they try something like this? I wouldn't be surprised, TBH.

So, keep an eye out for news reports about stunning finds in Antarctica. It will be very interesting to see if this turns out to be a damp squib or not.

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  1. With all of the CGI that is cheaply available, it would not be too difficult to pull the wool. Most lemmings have been programmed over the past 50 years to expect something bizarre related to aliens and Antarctica, so why wouldn't the bottom-feeders take advantage of that? I have been expecting something now for a few years, surprised it has taken this long.