Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"KKK" stunt at NSW Young Liberals debate exploits our obsession with American politics

Recently I wrote about how fascinated we are with American politics these days. Obviously, that's got heaps to do with DJT now being the Big Enchilada. But it's long been the case that local pollies have looked to their counterparts in the USA for instruction on how to approach most issues. And the mainstream media here march in ideological lockstep with CNN and the like, of course. Clearly, this has much to do with that nation's global dominance in terms of popular culture. Just as movie and TV references are part and parcel of our own cultural lexicon, so too are American political and historical icons, stereotypes and other references.

This little ruckus at a NSW Young Liberals event is a case in point. They were debating the Trump refugee ban and a coupla meatheads in KKK garb crashed it, causing amusement and a bit of outrage.

Hard to know exactly what this was all about. But on first blush it looks like this was a false flag (or rather false sheet) operation of some kind. I suspect it was prolly anarchists or other far lefties who wanted to make the whole event look like a redneck jawfest. Or if they were sympathetic to the LNP, perhaps they were on the, er, progressive end of that spectrum, trying to tar their more conservative opponents with the racism brush.

Whatever was motivating these arsehats, I think it's well nigh impossible that they were dinkum Klabees, Kligrapps, or Kludds. Let's face it, of that there'd be a "snowflake's" chance in ... a real KKK meeting!

I mean, does the Klan even exist in Australia? Maybe there are about six or seven sad ol' loons in the local franchise. Even in America it's the fringiest of fringe movements nowadays. Even claiming that Trump himself is somehow beholden to the KKK is silly as (even though the Left does actually do this -- when they're not saying he's Putin's bitch, that is). So to say that Klansmen call the shots with the LNP here in Oz is completely and utterly absurd.

Yet sure enough robotically PC pollies and journos are treating this story as if these fools coulda been genuine representatives of the KKK. And racism "experts" have been consulted, natch. Check out this guy's analysis. He says he thinks it may well have been a stunt to get publicity for the Young Liberals.

It was a publicity stunt alright. But I think it was more likely one aimed at getting people like him and his fellow right-on hand-wringers to push the PC narrative that racism is rising in Australia, with the LNP somehow encouraging it. If you look at it this way, it was roaring success.

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