Friday, February 17, 2017

Individualist Trump in classic struggle with collectivist deep state and its allies

I'm sure I'm not alone in being continually gobsmacked by the scale and intensity of the struggle going on in Washington DC. Even though Donald Trump won the battle for the presidency fair and square he still has to deal with the Democrats and every baying pack to the left of them claiming that he's not a legitimate POTUS. The mainstream media, too, have discarded any pretence of objectivity and are doing their utmost to portray the new administration as a lying, incompetent, dysfunctional rabble. Then there are the white anters in the GOP  itself. And to top it all off DJT has the bloody deep state to contend with! While it does seem there are many in the FBI and some in the CIA in his corner, perhaps the majority in the intelligence community see him as the enemy. 

What's really interesting about their successful takedown of Michael Flynn is that it seems to have been in retribution for his (and his son's) interest in Pizzagate, the “conspiracy theory” about how politicians and the CIA are involved in human trafficking and sexual abuse of children. Even Hillary Clinton herself, a big supporter of the IC who shares their goal of starting a war with Russia, retweeted a former advisor who alluded to the pizza parlour at the story's centre (Comet Ping Pong).
Rather than helping to debunk this theory, actions such as this actually give credence to it. It just makes any sane, rational observer wonder why this is such a raw nerve with these people. It also shows the extent of collusion between the Democrats, the deep state and the MSM. Not only have big news outlets totally avoided objective reporting of the story -- or quickly pulled any that were mistakenly broadcast -- they've also dutifully repeated the line that “there's nothin' to see here folks. Move along now ...”.

No wonder they absolutely loathe Trump and all he stands for. I don't think I'm being OTT in saying this is a classic contest between a flawed but courageous individual fighting for truth and the independence of his nation against a vast, sinister collective that has managed to covertly control hundreds of millions of people for many years in an immense web of brazen lies.

It's also not surprising that so many of those who were so completely taken in by this false narrative for so long are finding it hugely traumatic that Trump is now their president. It's like their whole world view is under sustained assault from the new narrative he represents. The emotional pressure is so great, many are even ending the deep relationships they've long had with those who now espouse it.

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