Monday, February 6, 2017

Breakaway Bernardi will erode LNP base, making Abbott's comeback more likely

Heaps of pundits, including some so-called “conservatives”, have been saying for ages that there is absolutely no chance that Tony Abbott will ever lead the LNP again. But I think this was because they were utterly terrified of what he represents. They were doing what lefties always do: repeat something over and over in the belief that it will actually become true.

I've long thought Tony could make a comeback. And while it's clearly far from certain, it's just become a whole lot more likely IMHO. 

That's because Malcolm Turnbull is a dead man walking. It took a while, but the electorate has finally woken up to the fact that this guy has no core principles. He's just fulfilling his lifelong dream of being PM.

Seems the main thing motivating him is his desire to be adored by the virtue signalling luvvies of the mainstream media. Being the PC totalitarians they are, their goals are in direct opposition to those of most of the electorate.

Then there's the fact that dinkum conservative Cory Bernardi looks set to start his own political party, which will draw a whole buncha conservatives, many of whom are “delcons”, away from the LNP.
With its conservative base being eaten away by Bernardi's party, One Nation and the Australian Liberty Alliance, the Coalition will have to do something pretty, er, radical to stay in the game. And I think re-installing Abbott as PM is what they may well choose to do. (Yes, they might ultimately decide against it. But they're still gonna give it some very serious thought, I'll bet.)

Now, when Tony was PM he certainly made some crazy calls. And the narrative about him giving Credlin too much sway, thereby causing much resentment from MPs, seems to have a lot of truth to it. So replacing him wasn't solely due to the Coalition's many left-leaning pollies responding to Turnbull's skullduggery. Still, these were huge factors.

And without a doubt the voters were really pissed off about the way he took over, particularly after the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd saga. Now, knifing Malcolm before the next election will of course be more of the same in a sense because he was ultimately elected as PM. Still, it has a kind of karmic symmetry to it that I think a lot of voters will appreciate!

And Tony definitely has qualities that the LNP desperately need right now and into the future. Firstly, he's a known quantity. Like his mentor John Howard, he's a conviction politician. Love him or loathe him, you definitely know what you're getting.

Also, he is a sincere conservative. Any other household names in the LNP who fit that description?

By putting him at the helm again they'll be saying to their traditional base: “We hear you. And we won't ignore your concerns again.”

If they don't do this -- or something pretty similar -- they're screwed, let's face it.


  1. Also, he is a sincere conservative.

    Well, by the standards of the Liberal Party he's a sincere conservative. By Malcolm Turnbull standards he's a sincere conservative. I was pretty disappointed by Abbott as PM. I voted for him but I'll never vote for the LNP again. Especially now that there are multiple alternatives.

    Voting for the LNP just encourages them to think that they can continue with their globalist/SJW policies. It would be a very healthy thing if actual genuine conservatives deserted the LNP en masse.

  2. It is incorrect to state that Peta Credlin had too much sway because all she was doing was getting MP's to actually do the job they are employed by us to do. That is the one thing in the public service which is against their principles. Unless it is organizing more "entitlements", or rorts as we know them, they lack interest. Again, under Tony Abbott's leadership, rorting of public funds was high on the list of things Credlin was responsible for preventing. So you can see, she was doing her job effectively and having been in a similar position myself, I can tell you that by taking such actions, even under orders from the PM, she would have been hated with a vengeance. Under public service current culture, she would have been known as a "targeted trouble-maker" and would have been forced out no matter what. If that took getting rid of the PM, too bad. That is what we have in parliament and the public service in the 21st century. It will take a Donald Trump with the powers of executive orders which our leaders do not have, to destroy the culture. The reaction from the entrenched rorters in the US demonstrates the anger these grubs feel when their corrupt lifestyle is threatened. Unfortunately, none of the current party leaders or their parties have the support or the guts to take the fight to the public service unions to rid the country of these parasites. Tony Abbott was taking the fight to them but too lightly because of inexperience and a total lack of support both within parliament and the fake news media. This, as well as the undermining by the current leadership, destroyed any hope he had. In my opinion, there is no hope for a Donald Trump leader in this country because our system simply does not allow it. Even Trump is finding it difficult under his Presidential system of government with a hostile republican party, hostile democrats and an even worse fake media. What did some politician once say? "Life wasn't meant to be easy".

  3. The reaction of many Liberal MPs and commentators has been nothing short of risible. Bernardi is a rat? After Malcolm and his gang of 54 knifed Abbott? Whatever his mistakes, and he certainly made a few, TA would not have come out of last year's election teetering on the brink of failure. How do you win an election with a one-seat majority? Start with a 13-set majority and add Malcolm Turnbull!
    It's worth remembering that the Liberal Party at its inception was a gathering of several political parties. We are now looking at One Nation, ALA, and the Bernardi Pardi at representative voices for all those who stand more than one inch to the right of our useless Prime Minister. Amalgamation of some sort seems likely, though maybe not within this election cycle.

    1. The reaction of many Liberal MPs and commentators has been nothing short of risible. Bernardi is a rat?

      There's this strange idea that there's something sacred about the two-party system, and that loyalty to party is more important than loyalty to country or to principles. Politics is apparently supposed to be an exclusive little club and you can only play if you belong to one of the major parties.

      In fact it is the LIberal Party that has consistently, over the course of several decades, betrayed all the principles for which it is supposed to stand. Sir Robert Menzies founded the party as the party of the "forgotten people" - not as the party of the elites and the super-rich.