Saturday, February 18, 2017

In pressers Trump mocks and bypasses the “very fake news” media

So funny to watch the reaction of self-important MSM “journalists” during and after President Trump's recent press conference. They, and the Left generally, really don't get what's going on.

They still think that they matter and should be taken seriously. So they're appalled and dismayed by Trump's expressions of disdain for them. They then report his behaviour as unhinged, chaotic, narcissistic, etc.

But Trump's theatrical railing at these purveyors of “very fake news” is not evidence of delusion as many of them claim. It's actually him playing a yuuuge joke on 'em. They're not laughing, of course, because they are the butt of it.

See, Trump long ago figured out that the MSM's claims of objectivity and balance were a massive load of bollocks. They were clearly all in for Hillary and the Democrats, prepared to tell massive, brazen lies to boost her chances and destroy his.

So during his campaign for election and since his win he's focused on bypassing the MSM -- mainly through the use of Twitter and other social platforms. Not only did he use pithy rhetoric to speak directly to voters, he trolled (pranked) the liberal media repeatedly.
Liberal “journalists” are pushing the line that they've been provoking him into fits of rage with their courageous reporting, and he's revealing his true, dangerous nature. But it's actually the other way around!

He's goaded them into showing their jaw-dropping bias and dishonesty -- not to mention po-faced sanctimony. So, when he gives pressers he's turning to the voters and saying: “Take a look at these bozos. They, like Hillary, are utterly corrupt and think of you as deplorables. I respect you, but they hate you.”

This has worked big time, and he's actually built up his own narrative. Out in the real world of the electorate -- where it really matters -- this narrative is beating the ol' PC one peddled by the MSM -- mainly because it's so much closer to the truth.

I find it incredible that his enemies can't see this … But they are lefties, I suppose. They have a habit of believing their own BS. You can see that this tendency is just as strong in the Australian Twitterverse as it is in the American MSM.

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