Monday, February 13, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos exposes the truth about Berkeley: It's a PC zombie factory

I remember having a conversation with a leftie friend maybe 15 years ago about political correctness. I argued that it was primarily about controlling people's behaviour and she was using the usual defense: It was just about being compassionate and tolerant, etc. Claiming it sprang organically from goodhearted folk, she said, “I mean, people don't actually sit in offices and make this stuff up!”.

“Actually they do,” I replied. “It comes out of the universities, mainly.”

She rolled her eyes, and sighed exasperatedly. So I figured it was best to change the subject.

I always remember that conversation because it's sooo relevant to what's going on these days in the West, particularly in the USA. The insane campus reaction to Milo Yiannopoulos and speakers like him makes it crystal clear that most of these institutions are completely dominated by lefties, many of whom are on the extreme end of the spectrum.

These unis don't educate students. They indoctrinate them with cultural Marxist ideology. Being young and impressionable, the students simply accept this as the only acceptable way to view the world. They don't question these dogmas because, being so young -- and having been served similar junk through their school years -- they have no other way of seeing things.

If they do try to resist, they quickly realize this is a big no-no. Lefties are expert at subtle intimidation. If this doesn't work, they'll keep intensifying the tactics -- even to the extent of using the kind of outright mob violence they committed at Berkeley in reaction to Milo.

Desperate to do well in their courses and terrified of social ostracism most potential skeptics develop a facility for self-censorship. They learn to nip “wrongthink” in the bud almost before they become conscious of it. 

By the time they graduate, the poor young things have become politically correct zombies! They score gigs in government and big business (already captured by the cultural Left) and begin their slow climb up the career ladder, careful not to put a foot wrong politically. Some become journalists and perpetuate the PC narrative in the form of fake news.

Their heads are so full of this rubbish and their hearts so full of fear of questioning it that they remain in a state of denial about reality itself! But the older they get, the psychological effort required to maintain this false reality increases inexorably.

That's why we've got so many deranged middle-aged folk now. And given the powerful rise of conservatism across the West, this problem will only get worse.


  1. To gain a proper appreciation for the real evil manifest in "political correctness" (pc) and in its twin tyranny, "multiculturalism," one must needs study the workings of the Marxist Institute become "Frankfurt School," whose willful creations both are.

    Multiculturalism and pc are designed for the purpose of and are being successfully employed by statists and others of a totalitarian bent, to the destruction of individual liberty and of the free-enterprise exceptionalism facilitated by individual freedom.

  2. .... I remember having a conversation with a leftie friend maybe 15 years ago .... Last time I had such a conversation was immediately after Oobama's ridiculous ranting at Cairo University and my "conversation" was with my, then, best friend.

    Such were the divisions created during the Obama reign, I have not spoken with him -- nor with any other Lefty -- since.