Monday, June 1, 2015

Adam Goodes' war dance and the Left's racism of low expectations

The Aussie Left's reaction to the Adam Goodes war dance controversy was so predictable, and revealing. Their prejudice against non-Anglos (Aborigines in particular) is just so entrenched they can never bring themselves to judge them according to standards they routinely hold whitey to.

Abbott winks during a radio interview and they go batshit insane with rage. Adam Goodes mimes chucking a spear at crowd and that's just a dance; a celebration of his culture.

Be great if there were some consistency. I'm all for seeing Goodes' contribution as benign. But then let's not get upset about people miming the slitting of throats or firing imaginary guns.

Truth is, little gestures can mean a lot. And why are some seen as okay when others not? The reasons are usually to do with highly emotive selective double standards defined and enforced by the bullying Left.

The quenelle is a symbol widely seen as anti-semitic. And at least one Pommy soccer player copped a bollocking for using it on-field, though he claimed it was not meant maliciously.

In these days of Islamic State even the holding up of an index finger can mean something sinister. Imagine if a Muslim footy player did that on field here. Lefties would be so torn, wouldn't they? Thankfully, most of them now concede that ISIS are a bunch of fascist barbarians. But given pinkos' gutless kowtowing to mindless PC dogmas, they'd be loathe to condemn it for fear of being labelled "racist".

But back to Goodes: Sadly, the man himself has decided to opt into the patronising racism of low expectations perpetuated by the overwhelmingly Anglo Left. He hides behind his race like so many feminists hide behind their skirts. How tragically piss-weak.

He goes out of his way to provoke and enrage. When he gets that reaction, he says, "Hey what's the problem? What I did was benign. You're being racist." Sooo childish; so passive aggressive.

While Goodes is crying victim, pundits, commentators and tweeps aplenty keep blurting feel-good tosh on this subject. Many have said that we (and I always wonder who they mean by "we") should embrace his war dance. This sentiment is typical:
Given the astonishingly divisive, vindictive and litigious nature of the captains of the Aboriginal Industry in Australia, you've gotta wonder how they'd react to such a development. Odds are they'd say that Anglo players performing it was act of cultural dispossession in itself and therefore racist.

The Welcome to Country ceremony is another Aboriginal ritual. Imagine if whiteys started performing it without authorization before major events. Outraged activists would unleash the dogs of law for sure!

That's why comparisons with the Kiwi Haka are meaningless. Firstly, it's a ritual that's performed by all players, Anglos included. Also, it's aimed mainly at the opposing team, not the crowd.

Goodes himself performed his war dance in a racially loaded way at the spectators, by his own admission (then backed away from this, the jellyback). Gawd does this guy have some issues when it comes to the crowd! When a 13 year old girl yells "ape" at him (in a way she says was not racist -- and why shouldn't we believe her?) he has her singled out by security, and slimes her as racist before the whole nation. The poor kid will be scarred for life.

But when he mimes waving a spear at the crowd we're all supposed to say how spiritual and wonderful he is; what a role model for his people, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

This guy can really dish it out, including to children. But he he sure as hell can't take it. What a coward. What a bully. And what a typical tool of the Left.

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  1. Goodes seems to be upping the antics factor all of a sudden. I don't follow AFL closely, but maybe he's getting close to his use-by date.
    Maybe a retirement is soon to be announced, with all the accusations of racism that we might expect.