Sunday, August 16, 2020

Pro-POTUS patriots punk Pirate Pete's poll!

We all know that Twitter is a leftist stronghold. That's why I think this shock result in Pirate Pete's latest poll is actually pretty significant. 

Remember that he's a minor celebrity. Heaps of local leftie blue checks follow him. They in turn have countless brokens who follow them. And they will do all they can to help with the PC globalist crusade online.

As you can see, he got almost 60000 votes. So that's a pretty big sample. Sure, many of those voting for Trump could have been from the USA. But the same could be said about those voting for Biden. Those non-Aussies prolly would've cancelled each other out. I think it's reasonable to make some wider conclusions about the result.

Clearly, Trump has heaps of support from Aussies -- far more than the dopey slebs of the fake news MSM think he has. These patriots can clearly see what POTUS is fighting. And they realize that the same corruption is entrenched here. We have our own Billabong that desperately needs to be drained. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a Trump-like figure to do this. But that's okay. He, she or they will emerge. It might take a while but it will happen. The political establishment is rotten to the core. Its collapse is inevitable. And a new one will replace it. The main thing to focus on now is that people are definitely waking up en masse. So it's important to keep speeding up that process. 

The MSM, of which Pirate Pete is a part, is losing authority daily. Down in Victoria, for example, they are just a creepy bunch of propagandists for Dictator Dan and his clown CHO. If they don't stop regurgitating his fake stats and cranking out fear pawn to justify his insane control measures and start asking pertinent questions (particularly about test veracity) instead, they will permanently trash their reputations. 

When the dust settles on this titanic shit-show most Aussies will loathe them almost as much as Dan Andrews himself. And having been on TV screens for years on end they are mostly easily recognizable. They will be copping abuse until they die, I reckon. What's happening down there is truly evil. The perpetrators and those aiding and abetting them will never be forgiven. 

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  1. Millie Weaver doco on surveillance state (skip the first 5 mins):
    It may disappear soon. Some copies already have been but I suspect that a number of people downloaded it prior to it being removed. She was arrested just as it went to air.

  2. As you point out, Matt, 60,000 responses. The standard polls, the one that get the attention of the press, usually run to about 1500. Big difference.

  3. These numbers are really impressive!