Thursday, March 14, 2019

Climate Strike turnout shows that indoctrination has replaced education

By now pretty much anyone with a functioning brain, and who can use it to do just a little bit of independent thinking, can see what utter bollocks the whole climate change religion is. FFS, even if the most extreme measures are adopted in this country and we cease all fossil fuel use immediately, the effect we'll have on global temperatures is damn near zilch!

But still the globalist socialists press on with their ginormous lies. They're just sooo important to their ultimate plans to control the masses in as many ways as possible.

And the way they've been targeting kids is creepy as all get out. The whole AGW religion is drummed into students from primary school onward. They must be instilling such terror in so many young minds! What a cruel thing to do.

And remember that many of these same people are self-described atheists who say that Christianity is child abuse because it uses the fear of eternal damnation to scare kids into following its rules. But isn't this exactly what the warmists themselves are doing? They are just using predictions of a hell on Earth instead.

The various climate strikes that have been going on across the globe are the most obvious example of this despicable exploitation and manipulation of children. There's no way known that kids themselves could dream up and organize these events. Yet the activists behind them and their dutiful fellow travellers in the media push the bogus narrative that these are organic happenings initiated by students themselves.

Some of them, like Dee here, frame the subject as a free speech issue. Typically dishonest, and dumb. 

Firstly, the kids are not expressing their own deeply felt beliefs, in opposition to what they've been taught. They're just regurgitating what's been drummed into them in class as well as pretty much everywhere else through the MSM.

Many teachers are of course active participants in these demos. And even if they aren't, few of them seem to have made any effort to stop the students from attending. That's because most of them have been indoctrinated as well. And if they remain skeptical about the impending global catastrophe due to "carbon emissions" they're scared of being outed as "climate deniers".

Then there's the fact that many of the students attending the "Climate Strike" are just totes stoked to have time off from classes. I can remember when I was a whippersnapper myself, and how much fun it was to go out on an excursion. Being an obedient little goody-goody, I never actually wagged school. But boy did I ever want to!

This is an ideal outlet for all that youthful energy. They are encouraged to get out there, yell and scream their lungs out, and feel really important about it too. Hell, they might even end up on the telly! What's not to like?

And the deep green lefties pushing the whole psyop are over the moon about it too. Nothing they want more than to turn the yoof against the oldsters. The younger they can get hold of them psychologically, the better.

These wretched, empty souls have no real inner life. So they live to wreak havoc on everyone else's.

They're immensely pleased to see the extent to which their absurd, apocalyptic narrative about the environment has been implanted into the minds of so many young folk.

Many brainwashed kids are now, in a sense, theirs for life. And don't they know it! They'll be sure to get the most value out of them they possibly can as the years go on.

The malignant, controlling creeps will also take what they've learned from this process and apply it to other fronts in their sinister war on Western Civilization.

How the hell did we let things get so crazy? We've really gotta stop these loathsome freaks from carrying out their global agenda.

It's already madness. But it's only the start.


  1. G'day, Matt. Enjoy your blog - one of the few that makes any sense. I know you do not believe in Christianity as a world view but I just wanted to point out that in one of the letters in the latter part of the new testament an apostle speaks about the "strong delusion" of the latter days during which time we will also see, as mentioned in other parts, a great "falling away" from the truth in the churches, etc. Many of the prophecies of the latter days have already happened or are happening right before our eyes. Frankly, I do not believe in the coincidence of related matters. At the heart of green nonsense is a complete rejection of a creator God and, ultimately, worship of nature (paganism). The belief that we are rising from scum rather than descending into it gives rise to the idea that there is no such thing as right or wrong, gives rise to moral relativism, and to the idea that we have no purpose so that, in summary, do WTF you please and consequences be damned. We are seeing the fulfillment of this "belief system" as we (barely) live and breathe.

  2. Let's cut the kids some slack here.
    Sure, they're parroting the lines that their teachers have been feeding them. But most of them are going to discover the opposing points of view once they're a few years older.
    The lefties have been working on kids in the classroom since I was at school. If the indoctrination was really effective, we would have had Bob Brown as President of the People's Republic of Australia. In fact, Bob would probably have been done in by now and the Greens would be knocking each other off all over the place. The Year of Four Emperors, Down Under Edition.