Saturday, March 30, 2019

Emmo marches to a different drum

We all know that employees and fervent supporters of their ABC are possessed by the collective delusion that only they can see the true workings of the world and it is their noble duty to enlighten all the poor, credulous rubes who have been duped by the likes of the eeevil Lord Rupert and his minions. You can see this silly subtext in most of its shows, but nowhere is it clearer than in its flagship lunar wankfest The Drum.

Every episode is a sanctimonious right-on circle jerk featuring some of the most daft and deluded cockwombles in the entire southern hemisphere. They routinely sit there bloviating in a manner that is way beyond self-satire. It's fricken hilarious and sooo predictable.

Best of all, the panelists' brainfarts are captured in tweet form. A high proportion of these summaries are nuggets of pure comedy gold, and even when they're not they give crystal clear insights into the parallel mental universe inhabited by the show's child-brained “experts”.

Take this offering from Dr Craig Emerson.

Any sane, rational adult can tell that Trump is bang on the money regarding this issue. There is an entire system structured to deliver fake news and get rid of him. It's called the mainstream media, which is pretty much the PR arm of the Democrat Party (and, until recently, a big chunk of the Republican Party as well).

These corrupt, lying scumbags are compromised and controlled by the deep state, who have been using them as puppets for decades and getting away with it. Trump poses an existential threat to this putrid coalition of Swamp rats, which is why they've been telling the most insane and ridiculous lies about him the whole time, totally trashing the MSM's credibility in the process.

Most people figured that out pretty early on. But now, after two years of the "Collusion Delusion", it's bleedin' obvious to all but the most rusted on Democrat bitter ender.

Then there's the false narrative surrounding “QAnon”. We haven't heard much about it here yet. But in the USA the fake news machine is desperately trying to portray the phenomenon as a deranged conspiracy theory. It's anything but.

Just the fact that not one so-called journalist from the MSM has asked POTUS whether Q is dinkum shows they're not at all interested in the truth. They are all clearly determined to push lies about Trump and those who support him in a relentless effort to bring him down.

Yet poor Emmo can't see these obvious patterns of behaviour, let alone join the dots.

He applies his child-brained interpretation to local issues too. With a straight face he implies that Pauline Hanson has her tin-foil hat on when she says that people in the mainstream media and political establishment are conspiring against her.

“There will be people who agree” he says, aghast. Um, yeah, that's because it's obviously true!

FFS, what a muppet.


  1. Unable to access 4chan - Telstra appears to have blocked it along with a whole host of other MSM-independent sources.

  2. ... and suddenly 4chan is accessible again. What is going on?