Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Joining the dots and cottoning on to the meaning of brown genes

What I say in this blog post is gonna seem completely and utterly batshit to a lot of people. Hell, I would've said that myself even a few months ago. But I'm absolutely convinced that something close to what I'll postulate here is actually happening. There are just too many repeated patterns in the MSM that seem to confirm this theory for it not to be the case. 

So, to put it as simply as I can: As we know, the globalist Cabal have long been pushing us towards the Great Reset, which is basically the New World Order, a globalist technocratic hellscape in which they control everybody in the world centrally via AI. 

Thankfully these evil scumbags are currently being taken down in the shadows. We don't read about this in the MSM as all the outlets are ultimately owned and controlled by these arseholes. They're not gonna tell us about their own impending demise now are they? 

The globalist elite have long been above the law, and they have been running massive international criminal enterprises for decades, if not centuries, to fund their agenda. As well as the global drug trade they also run child trafficking networks across the world. They supply kids to elite pedophile rings (think Epstein Island) for massive profit and political control purposes. 

Another immense source of income for them is a notorious drug (pink in colour) that is actually harvested on an industrial scale from the blood of captive children. The main component is oxidized adrenaline. These poor kids are raped, tortured then murdered and their adrenalized blood is extracted. (If you think this is impossible then consider the proven live organ harvesting business that goes in commie China. More immediately, there's the current mass human sacrifice you may have noticed being carried out globally under the guise of keeping us all safe from the sniffles.)

This drug that dare not speak its name (and I'm not saying it now because of the algorithms) is absolutely crucial to their top down control system because those who are hooked on it -- or merely aware that their peers and superiors indulge and/or trade in it but say nothing -- become complicit in evil. So they can be manipulated far more easily than if this weren't the case. 

For various reasons -- not least the tireless efforts of the white hats, or SOC (Self Organizing Collective) -- there are now bad batches of this drug all over the world. IMO, some recent high profile deaths and retirements are likely the result of this. 

From what I can tell most of it used to come from China (Wuhan to be precise). Not sure how it happened but that supply has dried up or proven to be too toxic. It seems they were hoping for Ukraine to be the main source but Vlad the Invader ruined that plan for them. That's one of the main reasons they hate him so much, and demonize him constantly in the MSM (which they own and control, as I mentioned). 

Those at the top of the globalist power pyramid have realized that their treasured pink stuff from these two sources and perhaps others is just too risky. So they've settled on a new main source: black or dark skinned kids. 

They have a big problem though. How do they tell all those people (perhaps millions) who use this drug that they must stop consuming what's already out there and dump their present stash, then shift over to this new safe supply? They can't text or e-mail them. They'll easily be sprung. So they must use symbolic, coded methods. 

That's what they're doing right now through the MSM. In particular, mind controlled slebs and influencers are being used for this in a big way, knowingly or not (I suspect the latter in most cases). 

The obviously staged Will Smith and Chris Rock stoush at the Oscars was a perfect example. They were chosen to get this new comms campaign into high gear

They're black guys, right. Rock is often used as a kind of euphemism for this pink drug. Not sure exactly why, but I think it has something to do with rock stars being heavily into it

As we all know Will Smith twice yelled: "Get my wife's name out of your effing mouth!" What's her middle name? Pinkett. 

There has been an absolute deluge of imagery in the MSM that seems to confirm that this message was one of the main functions of that fake fight. There are so many data point fitting neatly into my crazy conspiracy theory that this poor ol' truther can't keep up. My head is ready to explode and my tin foil hat is already two sizes too small as a result. I'll try to cover some others in time but here's one of them in depth to give you an idea of what these people are up to.

You may have heard about the passing of a much-loved star of the long running Pommy soap opera East Enders, June Brown. She played the chain smoking laundromat owner Dot Cotton. 

She was 95, so obviously she was not long for this world. But I would not be surprised if she "took one for the team" and jumped the twig a tad early to help with the symbolic comms. (I think that's what Bob Hawke, another high ranking figure in the globalist elite, did back in 2019. But that's another rabbit hole.) 

Not surprisingly, there are lots of reports about her death and they include many of the same photos. That's interesting given how many TV appearances she made during her long career on the soap itself as well as on chat shows, etc. Think of all the different shots they had to choose from! Instead, they seem to have settled on a few, and they're clearly being used in a symbolic way.

One very popular story about June Brown's uniquely lovable character is how she charmed Lady Gaga on the Graham Norton Show.

I think the photo was chosen because of the pinky-purple shapes on the set behind their heads. Remember, that colour itself is often a sign of this drug.

June Brown wore black and white and red. This combo seems highly significant to the occult elite. (I suspect that this is one of the reasons St Kilda Football Club has long been such a big deal for so many slebs including Gudinsky and Warne. But that's yet another rabbit hole.) 

As you can see the pair were drinking red wine. This can also be symbolic of this drug, for obvious reasons. (Please check out the video I made after I first started to understand that this supposedly mythical substance was actually real and that local elites were alluding to it, even on newspaper covers.)

From the article: 

The House Of Gucci star told Brown: “I am a really big fan of yours. You are so fabulously dressed. I am honoured to be sitting next to you."

She then picked up her wine glass, adding: “I want to drink from your cup to see what those genes are.”

Remember that Lady Gaga, like many A-list stars, is very high up in the occult elite system. She puts heaps of creepy Luciferian symbolism into her work. I think that she was telling the elderly actress that she was aware of the symbolic meaning that her outfit conveyed. 

But it's what she said about the wine glass that is most significant, IMO. The surface meaning seems to refer to June Brown's own DNA left on the glass. But I suspect that the hidden message to her creepy mates then -- and repeated by inclusion in this article now -- is that the genes were actually in the blood red wine itself. In other words she was saying that she thought Ms Brown was a user of this drug, and that given how sprightly she was at such an advanced age the quality of her supply must have been excellent. 

I don't think that's reading too much into it. When you see the level of hiding in plain sight these arseholes routinely get up to, it's about par for the course. 

So this is why the quote was featured. Those in the know would see the significance. And what's her name: June Brown. As in skin colour

So the coded message is: That's what you should be looking for now. It's good quality and it's not gonna kill ya!

Then there was the actual video of the episode, re-released on Youtube.  Note the very specific wording in the description: "The hilarious time June Brown and Lady Gaga warmed all our hearts."

Not an accident IMHO. 

I also think that maybe the fact that she was from East Enders could also be significant. It's the end of the supply from the east, geddit? No more crap from Ukraine and China. It's gotta be from the Caribbean and Africa. (That's a bit of a stretch, sure, but I wouldn't put it past them.)

There's plenty more about June Brown that fits into this pattern. Take the video in this article. Note the pinky-purple outfit, pink hat and pink medal

This is a recent screenshot from the main page of Yahoo, which aggregates all the big stories. 

Notice how there's pink behind her head and the word "buyer" is in pink. The word "deal" is black. 

Possible subtext: "If you are looking for something pink (wink, wink) then the best deal is black, Jack!" 

Obviously I'm not saying that this was the original intention. But if my crazy conspiracy theory is correct it does fit quite neatly, dunnit? 

Of course these images would be hard to find for such a specific message, particularly at short notice. That's why I think those at the top of the MSM outlets might have had advance knowledge of when she was gonna die. Then they could've ordered their underlings to find the best ones and have them all lined up for when the news finally "broke". 

That's a chilling thought. But given the undeniable evil of those running the MSM, it would not surprise me at all. 

Above is another screenshot from the Yahoo main page. Notice how it says she was "young at heart". What does the heart pump? As well as giving the user a high like not other, this pink drug is reputed to be a kind of fountain of youth.

And look at the dude behind her. Why, he's brown! What are the odds?

Below is the full photo from the article

She's drinking red wine again, which is on the left hand side of the photo, under the brown dude ...

Others that seem symbolic can be seen in the article. The full "DealBuyer" one is there too.

This one is particularly interdasting

She's wearing a striking red dress. What does that colour often symbolize? 

Look at the word directly above her head. What's her surname again? 

My crazy theory's starting to look a little bit more plausible, now innit? 

Then there's this, from The Sun. It's about how there's a batshit idea going around that a sleb carks it every time a particular soccer player kicks a goal.

It doesn't strongly support my theory. However it does so indirectly if you look closely at the photo of the soccer player they've included. 

He currently plays for Rangers but they mention that he used to play for Arsenal. Why would they do that? 

Hmm. What are his old team's colours? Red and white, a combination that can be used to symbolize blood

That shot is him in the Rangers kit. Their uniform always seems to have "32Red" emblazoned on it, but it's usually not yellow. 

So you have blue and yellow selected, evoking the Ukraine flag. And of course there's red again ... 

Look at the phrase underneath: "Set your limits." 

So this could be a message related to the main one: "Stay away from the Ukraine supply." 

As well as all the visual imagery related to her death, there was this story about a shocking quote included in her obituary.  

Rabbits, particularly white ones, are, like red wine and pinky purple flowers, often used to symbolize this drug

On a general note, the above article is a good example of how the fake news lie factories get their fave symbols seen by many people. They create controversy around them that looks organic and spontaneous but is anything but. 

The angle here was that the quote was taken out of context in an obituary and didn't mention that Ms Brown wanted to be an osteopath and was fascinated by anatomy. Of course the Twitter idiots went into outrage over this faux pas so her name and the idea of rabbit killing and cutting got even more oxygen. 

As I mentioned I have seen countless other articles and social media updates already that lead me to believe this specific message is being blared out through every possible channel. So here are a couple more that I think are part of this campaign just so you can see I'm looking at a wide sample. 

The dude was black. His body was placed upright on the bar itself -- you know, where you order drinks ... like red wine. "No regrets" is in the description.

Again, fits neatly into my comms theory, amirite?

And this is a classic from here in Australia. It's an article about a young stunna stealing the show at a wedding

Look at the hot pink! And her skin ... She's so tanned and brown, right? 

And what's her first name? Margarita. Why, that's the name of a drink, innit?  

Again, what are the odds? 

Of course I'm not saying that this chick is in on it. It's all symbolic. The hidden message comes through from the images and the headlines -- which of them dominate, and how they're placed together, like in the examples of the June Brown photos mentioned earlier in the post. (That said, I suspect the old Pommy actress was prolly a user. One of the reasons she lived so long.) 

Needless to say, what these patterns seem to represent is so horrific and evil, words fail. And it's the sneaky way they do it that is so sinister. They are such slithering weasels, these people. 

They are very clever, though. They don't just go balls out so that the comms are completely obvious. You have to be aware of the symbols they use, so you can keep an (illuminati) eye out for them. Bit by bit a pattern emerges and you finally see what they're tryna convey to their creepy mates while purporting to tell you the news you need to know. 

If I'm close to the truth with this theory, and I think I am, then consider just how evil these people must be. They are without doubt among the most disgusting low-life scumbag pieces of shit who ever lived. And they still hold the commanding heights of many institutions and industries, including the MSM.

Still, as more and more people wake up and see the patterns I'm describing here their power is waning, and at an increasing rate. 

The final irrevocable collapse of their global control system is approaching apace. And deep down they know it. 

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