Sunday, December 19, 2021

Aussies don't go to the supermarket today!

There have been several much-derided "conspiracy theorists" who have predicted the current craziness with uncanny accuracy. David Icke is probably the most well known of them

And we all know about how prescient some toons have been. Take all the spooky predictions that The Simpsons have come out with for example. This sequence in particular really captures the current campaign to jab kids

That said, I never expected a daggy mid-eighties song and video clip to capture the globalists' plans so well. But that's exactly what "Cathy Don't Go to the Supermarket Today" did. 

Apparently the band were part of the Children of God movement. And there are many creepy rabbit holes to do with that organization. Still, it's pretty spooky in its accuracy. 

It's all about how TPTB trick the population into becoming slaves with barcodes tattooed on their foreheads. Without them, there's "no way to pay". 

Check out the doc. He could have been taking orders from Fauci in Wuhan. 

There's even a dude who could easily be Brett Sutton in a face diaper. 

Aussies don't go to the supermarket today! 

Well, not the big chains anyway. IGA seems to have a more sane and rational policy on the 'rona. They don't demand their staff are jabbed, which is good to know. They do have mask signs up and QR code check ins, but never seem to demand compliance. 

So take heart. Something tells me that when your plan for world domination can be summed up in a video clip like this, it's basically doomed to fail. 

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  1. Never saw that clip and thought I had seen every music video in the 80's, even the really lame ones... but it was in the 80's that, at a garage sale, I came across a little, half torn paperback, entitled, "When Your Money Fails", with an image on the cover depicting a human face tattooed with a 666 barcode on the forehead. It was also at about the same time I noticed the appearance of barcodes (with unlabeled 6-6-6 bars as delimiters) first on smokes, then booze, then junk food, then heavily processed canned foods and, afterwards, on everything else. Natural progression, I thought, for evil working its way into everyday life. Start in the sewer and work your way back up the s-bend and out of the dunny and, eventually, into the kitchen. The whole thing seemed to strongly resonate with my already deepening sense of something seriously wrong in the world, partly because of the book of Revelation and partly because, since I was a kid, I never trusted a politician whose lips were moving because the things they were already talking about just did not seem right nor seemed to align with reality. Even back then there was a deepening sense of some kind of undefinable "background" anxiety, an undercurrent of fear and foreboding, never spoken about in "polite" company. The "plandemic" has merely given people a suspect to blame but that makes no sense since the underlying anxiety long preceded the plandemic. The whole explanation by Dr. Mattias Desmet of global "mass formation" of psychosis makes complete sense to me. To be honest, I am surprised it all took this long.