Friday, December 24, 2021

So much predictive programming it makes you want to scream!

I'm sure you've noticed that there's heaps of occult elite symbolism everywhere lately. Much of it is genuinely creepy and some is flat out Satanic. Every second poster these days looks like a still from a horror movie, or features some idiot flashing the one eye sign, thereby invoking the illuminati -- knowingly or not. 

When I was a kid back in the seventies you would only see ads like this late at night on the television. I still vividly remember seeing a trailer for The Exorcist because I stayed up past my bed time. It was a shorter version of this one I think. I was genuinely terrified and stayed up half the night. 

This promotion in Wynyard Lane for the latest installment of Scream is typical. The timing is interesting also. Why, it's almost zif they wanna ruin the yuletide vibe, just like last year

And notice the red and white theme. Maybe that's not an accident either ... 

The mask is a big feature of the Scream movie franchise. 

It's also had a starring role in the rolling Coronapocalypse psyop, as we all know. And masks have just been mandated indoors again, just in time for Chrissie. Fancy that! 

I don't think it's irrational to conclude that the profusion of face coverings in movies and TV shows over the years has been part of some massive predictive programming campaign. Hollywood, like the MSM, is a big part of the globalist mind control matrix after all. 

Speaking of which, several months ago there was another local promotion featuring a mural of a face covered figure (see video embedded below). It wasn't flat out ghoulish like the one above but it was still creepy as. 

IMO The Masked Singer (a global franchise) could have been another example of this -- perhaps created in part to help the planned 'rona mask submission ritual work more effectively. 

Something similar was done with Big Brother. That creepy show took the evil Orwellian entity and made it benign. It exploited narcissism and voyeurism to help make the surveillance state we're now in seem normal and therefore acceptable. 

It's all trickery and brain-washing, which the occult elite use all the time. There's just too much of it around to be there solely by chance. It's clearly part of a grand plan, which thankfully more and more people are waking up to. 

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