Friday, December 3, 2021

Michael Goner

Many say Michael Gunner sooking up over threats to him and his family is a case of "crocodile tears" -- that is, fake. No. His tears were real, but the narcissist low life wept only for himself. 

Death threats against politicians are completely unacceptable, obviously. And they're even worse if made against his family members. But the spineless POS is ultimately to blame for them. This simply wouldn't be happening if he governed in the interests of the people, and refused to obey the globalist fascists above him who are calling the shots -- or rather, jabs!

But that's a moot point. He would never do that. That would require a spine. He was elevated by those people exactly because he lacked one -- among other reasons. 

He says he's got a job to do. Yeah, one given to him by those scumbag controllers: break the collective will of the NT population to prepare for Wuhan-style technocratic fascism

Territorians can see that now. Next election, he is gawn! 

And he may well be removed before that. This deluded muppet, just like his counterpart in WA, thinks that he will ultimately win this mind war and get the masses to do his bidding.  

But these controlled arsehats have no idea how badly they're actually losing. The globalist power pyramid that has long been in place, and within which all politics is played, is being taken down from the apex. Then there's the unstoppable process of the masses waking up to the true nature of the mind control matrix that they've been in their entire lives. They are now realizing that there's a war being waged upon them by their own governments, who are all ultimately controlled by the globalist elite. And they're rising up. They are sheeple no more! 

Gunner -- like all the premiers and ScoMo himself -- is caught in a pincer movement. But he's such a moronic arseclown he doesn't even know it yet. 

Well, whether it's in a cell after Nuremberg 2, or not, he'll be crying until the end of his days. Without a doubt this pathetic little sook sesh is gonna be a running state for Michael Goner! 

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  1. I tried very hard to feel some sympathy for Goggle Eyes Gunner... actually, no I didn't.