Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Attempts to divide us are failing

It is so obvious what's going on here. Basically the corrupt Australian political establishment (state and federal) sold us all to the scumbags at the top of the globalist power pyramid. Call them what you will -- I like "the Cabal" as a catch-all term -- but they are definitely a thing. 

These arseholes wanna enslave the world ASAP, then gradually -- and massively -- reduce the world's population. They've long had a very strong hold over all the major institutions in this country. That's why the descent into the current totalitarian hellscape has been so sudden. 

Some think that Big Pharma are all about making money. That's part of it. But it's not the whole story. If this were the case then they'd be happy that our moronic politicians just purchased those squillions of jab doses, and walk away smiling. 

But there's another part of the deal that the politicians must fulfill. They have to stick the magic potion into every damn one of us, or close to that. Having everyone "inoculated" is a crucial part of this control system. But they're not anywhere near achieving this goal. And they're absolutely shitting themselves as a result. 

That's why they're mobilizing every last controlled arsehat they have and using them in their favourite strategy of "divide and conquer".  

Bob Carr's outrageous tweet is one of many recent examples. There will surely be many more in coming weeks.

But the harder they try the more obvious the tactic becomes. And the more people wake up and refuse to be divided. 

As these two tweets from last month attest, businesses are not taking the bait either. 

I've noticed that in Sydney as well. Of course Coles and Woolies are really cracking down with the QR code bollocks. That's why I'll never shop at either of them unless I absolutely have to. 

But the smaller supermarkets are usually not bothered. The two IGAs I go to most often never ask. They have been great about this in other ways, like not demanding their employees are jabbed. 

But some of the big chains are pretty slack about it as well from what I can see. I've been into an Officeworks several times recently and was only asked once to leave my details by a particularly zealous employee. 

Then of course you had that absolutely massive demo in Melbourne. It included people from all ethnic, cultural and even political demographic groups. And it was entirely organic, unlike so many other rallies such as those to do with climate change. Aussies, like people from many other nations, are definitely uniting en masse, something that absolutely terrifies TPTB. 

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  1. I went to the tip... ahhh... "recycling transfer station"... a little while back and the bloke... ahhh, "garbologist"... there demanded either a QR code or my details. A tip, folks, a freaking shit hole crap dump... and he's worried about a non-existent or barely problematic bug, in a place full of flies, rubbish, maggots, cockroaches, dog shit, roo shit, etc. 'Tis a sad, sad world we live in.