Thursday, January 20, 2022

Creepy car comms in the MSM

I don't think there's any doubt that many MSM news items are there primarily for the purposes of comms. Many of these involve celebrities and what happens in their private lives. Being used in such a way is part of the contract they've made with the puppet masters. If they didn't agree to this they wouldn't have the fame and money they so clearly crave

There are many other stories about minor events that hardly seem newsworthy at all. You think, why are they there? Some of those are for comms too I reckon. 

What they'll often do is focus on some interchange on social media and build a whole story out of it. (And I'm not just talking about how the MSM will take tweet frenzies as an example of their dreary cultural Marxist BS. That's the political level, which is something else.) 

The ones I'm referring to are when something that just doesn't seem quite right gets turned into a story which has specific elements that feel kinda forced or added on. 

Take this one about the social media uproar related to the vandalism of a car parked in the disabled bay at a Coles in Melbourne

That sent my spidey senses off. There are heaps of little bitch-fests on Twitter and the like. Why focus on this particular one?

Well, I think it was to give them the justification for publishing this photo of the offending car. 

Cars bring to mind traffic. And notice the colour of the lipstick along with the empty trolleys next to it. The article itself drew attention to these two aspects of the photo as well as the make of the car: 

The message, written with what appears to be a pink marker, reads: "WHERE IS YOUR BADGE C***."

Two Coles shopping trolleys are also placed next to the Suzuki, which is parked at Keilor Central shopping centre.

I think this is comms related to this evil trade that I think is symbolized by pink in particular. Maybe they're saying that the orders from Japan were empty, and the local dealers were "not happy Jan"! 

Then there's this other story indirectly about Coles (which has that distinctive red and white logo). It describes how various brands of butter have been recalled.

Absurd, because there are no deaths from these spreads AFAIK. Yet the you know what, which is still being aggressively promoted by government and media, has already killed hundreds if not thousands of Aussies. 

Curious, I did a search for "butter" on Twitter and found out that a Korean boy band called BTS had a hit song about it.

It seems to be alluding to some extremely powerful illicit drug. And butter is kinda gold, remember. That's another motif I keep seeing in the MSM

Look at the official video. Notice all the pink, red and white, and gold in it. And look closely at the lyrics on screen. The condiment is given a slick and glamorous make over and seems to bestow superhuman qualities on those ingesting it! Remember that butter comes from milk, which is produced by all mammals including humans as food for their kids

The clip is reminiscent of "Pink" by Aerosmith. That's all about this drug as well, I reckon. 

I know it sounds out there. But I think the butter recall story and the lipstick on the windscreen one are related somehow. 

I think this whole trade is getting wonky as, and the globalist elite who run it are becoming really, really desperate. 

(Oh, and BTW, check out the one about Vegemite below. Same code too, I reckon.)

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Occult elite symbolism is evergreen and ever-present

You may wonder why so many pollies remain on social media. Sure, they want to get their preferred narrative out to the voters who do support them, but they usually receive so much abuse from the normies you'd think most would decide the whole thing constitutes a net loss. 

But there's another reason they're on. They are all part of the globalist program, which is focused on removing many of our rights. So they want to send out hidden messages regarding this agenda to those on their own elite level without us finding out what they're really up to. 

That's why it's worth looking very closely at their tweets and updates. They're not always coded comms, but sometimes they are. 

Take this tweet from the Zombie Squirrel. 

It's always nauseating when pollies try to endear themselves with the public by sharing glimpses into their daggy personal lives. On one level that was clearly what this update was meant to do. 

But I think there was a lot more going on under the surface. Notice how he used the term "wonky" twice. Among other things it means "not functioning properly or normally". 

I think this might have been a coded reference to the job that he as the Australian Health Minister was given by his occult controllers -- namely, the vaccine rollout. A pine tree has needles, after all. 

Maybe it was meant to symbolize something else as well? Most Christmas trees are evergreen. And we all know that this was Hillary's code name.

There was some very interdasting speculation about that massive ship the Evergiven (part of the Evergreen fleet) being stranded in the Suez Canal, remember. Could this relate to that somehow? 

Then there's the reference to slim pickings. What did that mean?

Pickings refers to harvesting. And what do you harvest from a Christmas tree? The presents? No, they are usually placed at the base. 

Could it have been an allusion to the nefarious activities of the occult elite Cabal who control the political establishment, as well as the media? I think that's possible given how insane the system we now live under is, and the outrageously unscientific "public health" directives Hunt himself has facilitated.

Also, what's with the "flushed" emoji. Why bring that into it? Doesn't seem organic at all. That, like the classic Vegemite jingle, suggests a "rose" in a cheek. There's a deep (white) rabbit hole to do with that imagery as well ... 

Sure, I'm speculating wildly. But I do think it's worthwhile because he, along with ScoMo, has form for detailed use of symbolism. 

Remember how he cast himself as a kind of military saviour in the war on the 'rona and he and the other political "top brass" kept flashing that stupid V-sign at every opportunity? 

That was creepy as. So, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm warm with my theory on the tree tweet. 

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Still more red, white and pink on Sky News

I have seen more examples of the pattern I described in a previous blog post. I'm listing these here so you can see there's really something creepy going on.

I'm not exactly sure what all this means but I think it's some kind of batshit "symbolic incantation" to do with blood. I know that sounds completely insane. But I've come to this conclusion after many months of seeing this kind of stuff over and over again in the MSM. 

Look at the photo they've chosen here. The NSW Premier's tie is white and pinky-orange. There are several other photos of pollies like this in tweets around the same time. They had either red or purple or pink ties -- or, in the QLD Premier's case, a floral blouse with a similar hue. Notice how it's a 'rona themed story. 

Again, 'rona theme. Notice the colour of the tent the band is playing in. 

Check out the giant "witches' hats" in the background. This marine transport theme is another recurring motif

This doesn't have the red or pink element but I'm including it because it's about kids, who are related to this phenomenon. It uses the classic "sole exposed" symbolism. This is a real occult elite fave that you see all the time in the MSM

Also, the blanket is golden. Maybe I'll do a post about that colour theme and what it means because there are heaps of examples of this as well. 

They use this one a lot. It's "O" for Omicron. But it really does look like floating blood cells. 

Notice the tape. Again, 'rona theme. 

This story is about ambulances so it's not surprising that it would include an image of one of the vehicles which has those colours on it. But I've included it because of the "code red" mention. 

Novak wears a red and white shirt. 

Still on Omicron. And the health worker wears pinky-purple. 

Now the kid has a similar coloured shirt. 

The image of the hero vegetable on the bag is a pinky-purple beetroot. Again, notice the theme of the story. 

Pink gloves. 

Not a 'rona theme. But flowers -- pinky purple ones in particular -- have been all through the MSM of late. Red roses are of course symbolic of blood

I've seen heaps of weird patterns around horse racing too. Then there's this idea of magic that the occult elite love so much. In their tiny febrile minds they're always "casting spells" on the sheeple, see. 

Red liquid in the cup. I've seen heaps of this kind of thing lately as well

WTF is that thing in the foreground? And it covers the Zombie Squirrel's white shirt. 

It looks like those spiky Nerf balls to represent the virus are behind the sign on the right hand side of the tweet. But they kind of look like roses. In any case there's the red and white combo again. 

And check out the fine amount: sixty six grand. They just love that number, don't they

Kid wearing red, white and pink.

Again, there are many other examples of this motif that appeared within the same time frame -- flags for example -- that I could have listed in this post but didn't. In any case, I'm sure you get the picture.

This is definitely a pattern. It's not due to chance.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How quickly the needle shifts ...

Just amazes me how brazen the globalist-controlled state premiers are. And their contempt for the voters is just off the charts. 

So-called conspiracy theorists have long claimed that the single and double jabbed would themselves be deemed unvaccinated as the powers that be herd the sheeple into their booster program. 

We're there already. (Actually, it's been this way for a while.) Here's another perfect example of this. 

See what she did there? Without overtly stating it, the QLD Health Minister implied that now only triple jabbed are truly jabbed. So the stats of those "unvaccinated" who were hospitalized almost certainly included those who'd had one or two needle stabs.

So technically she's not lying according to this updated definition. She's just assuming you won't notice the sleight of hand. 

Or maybe she's such an idiot herself that she hasn't twigged to the deception? (Actually, she may not have even penned the tweet herself. Quite possible that one of her Deep State advisers did.)

Annastacia is using the same concept, although with slightly different wording. Both on the same page of course. 

And the MSM won't call either of them out on it either, I'll bet! 

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Blue dogs get special treatment

I've written before about this blue dog pattern in the Failing Terrorgraph. I know some people might think I'm being obsessive about it. And yes I probably am. 

It's not some super-significant thing in and off itself. But it points to something hidden in the shadows, so to speak. That's this weird cult that so many globalists are members of, or at least respect. 

From what I can tell the blue dog motif represents Sirius the dog star. It's also called the "blazing star" and is significant in Freemasonry in particular

There are heaps of Masons in the upper echelons of all Australian institutions. So they love to show their reverence for this symbol whenever they can. It's kind of like coded genuflecting for secret society wankers. 

For some reason this phenomenon is more pronounced in the Sydney paper than other outlets. But you do see it right throughout the MSM. 

It's often a big factor in which stories they choose, the wording of the headlines and how they're laid out on the page. 

Take this story from the December 26 issue. Hounds feature in all but one of the critter shots. (Notice also how the headline clearly equates animals with humans. More on this in the video embedded below.)

The hero mutt -- surrounded by blue, of course -- is being treated with great reverence like he's an idol in some strange ritual. He's like their extra-spesh, golden-haired boy or something. 

Another adored pooch whose owners (or is that servants?) wear a lot of blue. 

The masks always look absurd. But they seem doubly so when it's only the humans who are wearing them. It's usually the dogs that are muzzled, innit? 

Blue harness. And how many people have ever had "hydrotherapy"? 

As I've said before, there are plenty more examples like this. I'll often see several in the one issue. I simply do not have the time to collate them all, let alone write blog posts about them.

The reason I want people to know about this is because it shows that the MSM is being run by people with hidden agendas. Of course we all know about the ideological stuff going on under the surface. There are unstated financial forces at work too. But the blue dog motif  and others like it constitute proof that there's a batshit cult element at play as well. 

When you really get a sense of just how deeply embedded and pervasive this is in so many institutions, much of the current craziness becomes easier to understand.

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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Sky News really loves red, white and pink for some reason

I've written before about how Sky News seems to drop a lot of occult elite symbolism into their Twitter feed. In this post I'll list some more data points related to that phenomenon. 

Lately I've noticed a helluva lot of imagery to do with with red, white and pink in the MSM. Most of it is 'rona related, too. 

Crazy as it seems, I think this has something to do with a vast hidden trade related to blood which produces a drug favoured by the elites. It is reputed to be pink in colour

I believe that this is extremely important to the globalists at the very apex of the power pyramid. Hence the colour symbolism. Even though their minions far below them may not be aware of its meaning, they still dutifully repeat the motif on their platforms. 

Check out these screenshots that I took after scrolling down through the feed recently. I did this all in one session. Didn't take me that long because they were all pretty close together. Note the time stamps on each and you'll see what I mean.

There were plenty more I could have included, but these will give you an idea of the clear pattern. 

This is about the Pink Test, a regular sporting event held to raise funds for breast cancer research. Notice the red and white of the ball, and the pink hat. Red and white combined creates pink, remember. 

Flowers have been everywhere in the MSM lately as well. I've seen so many photos of women in news stories wearing floral dresses -- mostly pinky-purple in colour -- that it cannot be due to chance

Just on the image above: Bees harvest nectar from flowers, and create honey from it. 

Note the position of the flag. The red and white part of it is directly behind the fascist flog's fugly face. You see that kind of thing a lot. 

Fake news lie factories like Sky News keep using photos of people getting tested because it's one of the few ways they can make it seem like there's a real health emergency. And they often have these orange and white witches' hats in the shot. Not quite red and white. Still close, but. 

Also, witches cast spells. That's what the occultists are doing all the time with their fake news. Perhaps that's why they're so fond of including them? 

Still on the 'rona theme. Notice the red carpet and the white trousers of the soldiers. 

Pink background.

No-vaxx Novak is of course the biggest story going right now. So it's interesting that they ran this item on a local star's asthma-related pullout. Note the red shirt and white shorts. 

This is what I mentioned above. The red and white is directly behind ScoMo's repellent smirking boat. 

And again. 

More witches' hats. And note the red and white of the sign. 

Another public health story. Why not have a shot of the Zombie Squirrel himself tryna look like he knows what he's talking about, or some Indigenous dude with a durrie hanging out of his mouth? Instead, they chose a sign. 

Betty Windsor in a pink dress. There's a lot more I'd like to say about images like this. I will do so in a blog post if I find time. 

Bit like the witches' hats, right? 

This is not related to the Pink Test. So why did they include it? 

Lots of pinky-purple here ... Again, 'rona theme. 

This is a precursor to the piece above. Notice the flowers. Shoes are featured also. Whenever you see those, it's likely that secret society wankers are involved, sending signals to each other and savouring their feelings of superiority over the audience being none the wiser

Another post with a COVID angle. Look at the dresses. 

And Moulin Rouge literally means "red mill". A mill is where harvested wheat is turned into flour. So symbolically it's a bit like the bee shot above. 

We all know the spiky Nerf ball. It's usually monochromatic. But this one's different with those pretty pink spikes. 

This is a PCR testing story and it's about airlines. Plenty of big carriers to choose from. So why this one? 

Remember that Richard Branson is a major globalist player and even has his own private island not far from Little St James, otherwise known as Epstein Island. 

They really like those signs, don't they? 

Again, a general air travel story with a 'rona twist. So why all the Virgins lined up on the runway? 

Santa's suit is red and white anyway. So, nothing unusual there. 

But notice the bow on the box. And the truck itself. 

Was the photo chosen to echo the theme? Maybe. 

That red dress Betty wore was really striking, right? Tryna tell her minions something?

As well as symbolising blood, "code red" means danger. And that's what the Queen seemed to be in with that maniac on the castle grounds ... 

Another 'rona related story. This time it's about Queensland.

Strange choice of photo because those iconic beachside skyscrapers are usually shown with brilliant blue sky behind them. So why all the pink? 

SkidMark McKaren looking like a stunned mullet as usual. Notice the background. 

The alleged "patient zero" in WA was a backpacker. Over here, Noah's Backpackers was the site of an Omicron outbreak. It was the third time for the hostel, apparently. What are the odds

This was where the backpacker was supposed to have spread the bug. Notice the pinky-purple light. (There's also a lot of gold. That's something else I've seen a lot of in Sky News and elsewhere.) 

A "high pressure summer". Hmm. Interdasting phrase given the context and focus on the symbol on his uniform. Brings to mind "blood pressure", dunnit? 

Blue pills. How appropriate. 

Finally this from fully jabbed, 'rona-ravaged Israel. The woman wears a striking red dress, not unlike Betty above. 

I could go on and on. But you get the drift. 

The same strong trend was also in evidence in the Failing Terrorgraph. Take this toon from January 5, which echoes the very first screen shot above. 

As well as the pink flowers, look at the rays shooting out from the celestial cricket ball. This is reminiscent of the Masonic "blazing star". Not surprisingly there's a dog included -- which can't be blue this time, obviously. 

Look at how the dude is on a high from inhaling the pink air. Why, it's almost like a drug, innit? 

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