Thursday, June 9, 2022

On the Highway to Hamilton Hell!

As well as being a narcissistic, fascist POS, SkidMark McKaren is likely a big time secret society wanker. Here he is flashing a boot made by a company that has a blue dog as its logo (you can see it behind his head). As mentioned before, these occultist flogs love their foot-related symbolism

Given this creepy context, I've long found this IG update telling. This was just before the "pandemic" started, remember. Why, it was almost like he was foreshadowing what Western Australia was to go through, wasn't it?  

He, like his fellow Labor ghoul in Victoria the Goblin of the South, has been flogging the syringe stab like there's no tomorrow. At one stage the poisonous control freak even said that WA was "an experiment" with a "compliant population". 

You'd think the local press would be outraged at such a tyrannical attitude. But nup. They've been very supportive of State Daddy and his campaign of coercion

That's not surprising. All the MSM outlets there (and throughout the rest of the country for that matter) are run by obelisk fondlers. 

With that in mind I found this recent cover story of the Worst Australian very intriguing. It's about a bloke whom they describe as a "good samaritan" being bashed in a retirement village in Hamilton Hill. 

As mentioned in previous posts, they have form for what I would call Luciferian inversion. That is, they love to rejig Biblical imagery, often flipping it upside down. It's like when the warmists in the MSM described the severe fires of a coupla years ago as a "hell on earth".  

Obviously, it's not meant to calm or inspire their readers and viewers. It's meant to stress them out and make them feel like they really are stuck in the devil's dungeon with no way out except to obey the deep green globalists' insane demands. 

As well as this hijacking of symbolism, one particular aspect of the story caught my (illuminati) eye: The bashed "good samaritan" was named Christopher Hands.

What is the prefix of his first name? Given that, what part of the saviour's anatomy was nailed to the cross? And note the cuts on his forehead in the cover shot above

What are the odds? 

This related tweet, about a grizzled dude in the same complex who was saved by the self-sacrifice of Mr Hands, showed him in front of a wall, a classic Masonic image. I thought his brown trousers along with the pinky-purple dots on the ironing board were notable too.

Speaking of walls, here's an update about the alleged attacker. 

Ram-raiding a high end fashion store ... Hmm. Maybe a stretch but in this context the story of Jesus himself bringing the biff to the money changers' temple comes to mind.

Given the fascinating elements to do with featured words and images in this lie factory that has form for fakery as well as sinister symbolism, I'm toying with the idea that the whole thing may have been orchestrated so that the wicked warlocks of the West could summon forces favourable to their occult elite agenda. 

That would of course be completely and utterly barking batshit mad -- as well as undeniably evil. But I would not be surprised if this actually were the case. Hell, given how crazy the world is now, do you really think that's impossible? 

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