Sunday, February 6, 2022

Bad blood?

Time for me to put my tin-foil hat on, and strap it on really tight. Gotta do some hard core truthering and join a shitload of dots, people. That's because I'm pretty sure I've worked out a key causal factor in much of the current cray-cray ... 

It's all to do with blood, see. And it's absolutely horrific. (Why I'm using a somewhat jokey tone, BTW. Makes it easier to write about what I think has long been going on in this country.) 

The "conspiracy theory" I'll describe in this post may seem utterly and completely barking batshit mad. So be it. IDGAF if you think I've completely lost the plot, theme and subtext. I really think this is what's going on behind the scenes. (In any case I'm sure you'll agree that it's still way more coherent and plausible than the rolled gold bollocks that Health Hazzard, SkidMark McKaren and their conga-line of clown CHOs and MSM tyre pumpers come up with on a daily basis.)

Basically there has long been a massive hidden global trade in a psychedelic drug that is actually harvested from the blood of terrified children. It's a key element in the occult elite's control system because not only is it extremely addictive and powerful, it makes anyone who uses it complicit in evil. So they can then be manipulated far more easily. 

It seems that most of it is produced in China -- Wuhan to be precise. That's interesting given it's where the "Coronapocalypse" started. It also seems to be a kind of exemplar of the technocratic NWO "smart city" that the globalists' controlled arsehats are desperately tryna install here. 

But now, this vast hidden industry seems to be slowly going belly up. Either that or it's changing so much that the local elites can't cope. I think this is due to the heroic, tireless and unreported efforts of the SOC (Self Organizing Collective) -- otherwise known as the "white hats"

This epic takedown of a trade that is pure evil is why you see so much frantic symbolic incantation related to blood and hearts in the MSM and even in government projects. Remember that both these fields (and many others) are ultimately owned and controlled by the same group of psychopathic arseholes at the apex of the globalist power pyramid. You know, those occult elite uber-creeps who lob at places like Epstein Island to do unspeakable things in weird-looking temples

I've seen heaps of this kind of symbolism in the Failing Terrorgraph in particular. But it's right throughout the rest of the MSM as well. 

Most of it is about metaphorical blood, or things that are often associated with it such as tomato sauce. 

But some of it relates to real blood as well. 

The pink theme is prominent in many pieces also. That's because this is the colour of the drug when in its pure form. 

I've collated two threads on these symbolic strands. Please check them out. You'll see that there are just too many examples for them to be purely due to chance. 

Many of the most recent ones seem to involve story subjects suffering dire consequences due to a faulty product or service that they paid for. That's why I think these are coded warnings about bad batches of this drug. The quality cannot be relied upon any more, it seems.  

I also noticed this impassioned and very interdasting rant from Rowan Dean. I believe he is definitely one of the good guys in the MSM. I suspect he's long known about the occult elite control system. Maybe he is part of it on some level and wants out? 

Not sure. In any case please watch the clip closely. He repeats the word "heart" several times, each time with an emphatic and specific hand gesture. 

Notice also the screenshot that was included at the beginning of his monologue. See that pink heart logo. Not an accident, IMO. 

It reminded me of this recent promotional mural in the city.

Hell-o, geddit? 

Another data point from late last year. 

I suspect that the local occultist movers and shakers had grand plans to "raise hell" as their globalist system was installed locally and the pink liquid flowed freely. 

But it seems that many are now not levitating ecstatically from their Beelze-beds as they so eagerly anticipated but shitting them instead. Hopefully that's just the start of a long, slow, painful and humiliating fall from former commanding heights for them. 

So there's my theory. I know that many will think it's "out where the buses don't go". But I suspect that as events unfold in coming months it will start to seem much closer to the CBD -- not unlike how many of the "conspiracy theories" about the dreaded 'rona turned out to be accurate. 

And if the song "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka gets mentioned in an upcoming MSM article I'll know for sure that my speculation has been bang on the money. 

Speaking of which, you really should listen closely to the song, embedded below. Take special note of some of the lines, listed here. Seems he could have been singing about this very same drug even way back then! (Actually I think that's highly unlikely but it's spooky nonetheless.) 

"Bad Blood"

It could've been me

But it was you

Who went and bit off

A little bit more than he could chew

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

The woman was born to lie

Makes promises she can't keep

With the wink of an eye

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

Brother, you've been deceived

It's bound to change your mind

About all you believe

I don't understand

What you're lookin' to find

The only thing bad blood do

Is mess up a good man's mind

Hear me talkin' now

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

The bitch is in her smile

The lie is on her lips

Such an evil child

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

Is takin' you for a ride

The only good thing about bad blood

Is lettin' it slide

"Bad blood ... It's bound to change your mind about all you believe."

I'll say. 

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