Sunday, August 7, 2016

Talk of an Abbott return on Insiders exasperates Laura Tingle

Didn't see Insiders today. But apparently there was some talk of a possible Abbott resurgence. This was so unpleasant to Laura Tingle that she rolled out her eyes and let out a deep sigh. It was such a memorable reaction that a coupla tweeps remarked upon it.

Wish I'd seen at it. And I will try to hunt this down if I find time because it sounds like a perfect illustration of the Left's view of their number one hate figure. They all think of him as the embodiment of conservative eeevil. And they laboured for years to slay him. With his replacement by Turnbull they thought they'd finally won, and for good.

But now that change has proven to be a rolled gold disaster, and the Delcons are gaining momentum. So we're back to the same old situation we had a coupla years back ...

Sure, people never really warmed to Abbott, and they won't do again. But they definitely do know where he stands on issues. Unlike Turnbull (or Shorten for that matter) Tony Abbott is a conviction politician.

Basically, he's got a spine. And people respect that even if they totally disagree with his positions ... And these days -- particularly with the threat of terrorism ever-present, and growing --  leaders with backbone will gain substantial support in the electorate.

Lefties just don't get that. They have this view of Abbott that is so emotive and deluded it borders on the psychotic. They think they can shape the electorate's perception of him by controlling the media narrative. But the punters aren't that easy to manipulate. They may be influenced, and quite a bit, for a while. But eventually they will end up making up their own minds on the evidence.

Rather than accepting that truth the Left keep on keeping on with their "attitudinal reconstruction" agenda, only to be frustrated over and over again. They're both sad and funny at the same time, the poor little poppets!


  1. Personally I thought Abbott was too much of a touchy-feely lefty! Turnbull is just unspeakable. I've gone to Delcon 1. Nuke 'em.

    1. There were a couple of non-fans at Tim Blair's blog, back before TA was PM and possibly even before he became Opposition Leader. They said he was a wet and softer than most people could see. That proved true when Abbott squibbed on 18C - and yet he shut down the people smugglers and abolished those idiotic Labor taxes.
      He did just enough that was good that he angered the left, and failed just enough to alienate a lot of conservatives. I'd like him to make a comeback, having learnt something from his experience. It would be fun watching the anti-Abbottists in the Liberal Party squirm too. Their Golden Boy Turnbull has been revealed as a brass-plated turd.

  2. The Coalition will either force the Libs to restore the Visionary Mr Abbott to its leadership or it -- and Australia -- will quickly follow the Europeon neo-Soviet and its every satellite state, into history's dustbin.

    As for such malignant narcissists as Turnbull et al being "shaped" by the lock-step Fascist Media's Lying Swine? Surely the election just showed them who is clever and who is not. And also reminded of William F Buckley once saying he'd rather be governed by the first 400 names in the Cunnamulla phone book than by the combined editorial claques of Australia's news media. (Or he would have said it that way had he thought of it)

  3. Do they have spines on Abbott's planet?