Monday, August 15, 2016

#FeministAMovie tweets reconfirm the dominant paradigm

There's no doubt that Twitter is chock full of whining right-on social justice warriors. If you're in the reality based community you'll definitely be in the minority on that platform. But that's what makes it more enjoyable in a way.

Tweet by asinine tweet you get a real sense of just how friggin' deluded these poor little poppets actually are. Talk about life imitating satire! So, if you wanna "know your enemy" being active on Twitter is definitely worthwhile. Also, it's important to counter the lies and distortions these arsehats routinely offer, as well as point out their nauseating sanctimony and hypocrisy.

And participating in "hashtag games" can be a lot of fun. The recent one #FeministAMovie certainly produced some memorably funny tweets. (Forgive my immodesty folks, but I am quite proud of my own contribution Look Who's Dworkin ... Sadly, I don't think many tweeps had actually heard of her. I know a lot of self-described feminists haven't.)

Needless to say these politically themed hashtag games will draw on enduring, widely held stereotypes. It may upset many on the Left to say this, but these often have a lot of truth to them. That's certainly the case with feminism (and by that I mean the currently dominant variety: politically correct victim feminism).

There were lot of suggested movie titles playing on the humorless sourness of these tragic frightbats. And whaddya know? Numerous dinkum sob sisters actually reconfirmed this stereotype by tweeting that the popular hashtag itself was proof that feminism was needed more than ever.

On the contrary, I think the whole phenomenon showed how redundant this movement has become, and how desperately these chicks (and their self-loathing male acolytes) need to develop a sense of humour.

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