Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All races can be racist. White supremacist lefties deny this, of course

We all know that by far the most racist people in Australia are the sneering hipsters of the cultural Left. They're mostly of Anglo-Celtic and European descent. And they constantly deny the full humanity of members of racial and ethnic minority groups by insisting on casting them as child-like victims who must be protected from the harsh realities of life.

The Greens are where you'll find the highest concentration of these patronising parasites. They're forever quacking on about "diversity" but that's obviously the last thing they want. Not only do they demand we all conform to their sinister PC world-view; these petulant elves are so dang pallid, they should actually be called The Whites.

They are always stereotyping non-white people -- but in a really noice way, natch. One thing they love to do is assume that ethnic minorities are completely incapable of anything remotely like racism themselves. And they say they're all open to and supportive of "progressive" (i.e. politically correct, regressive) policies. If they're not, then that's always the fault of those eeevil white males in general (and prolly Tony Abbott in particular).

But the truth is quite different. A lot of Asian people really do look down on whitey-tighties in many ways, though of course they're too polite to say so. (Yeah, I know I just made two generalizations based on race. But hey, they're valid. Also, I'm not the one pushing the double standard.)

This is obvious from the way that people hailing from the same Asian nations gravitate towards each other in certain parts of our big cities. Hence you see lots of Vietnamese people in Cabramatta, for example.

One of the things that many Asian people find appalling in the dominant culture here is its comparative lack of sexual restraint. I had a Chinese friend who told me that she and many of her countrymen see westerners as being "like animals" in this regard.

I don't think it's too long a bow to say that the Chinese in particular are more sexually conservative than white Aussies and also less tolerant of non-traditional gender identities, roles and behaviour.

Pretty easy for them to ignore much of this by simply staying away from more "decadent" areas. But that's very hard to do when it comes in the form of state indoctrination like the "Safe Schools" program. As we all know this creepy program is not really about stopping bullying, but is meant to promote gay and lesbian lifestyles by stealth. So I'm not at all surprised that this is the reaction:

A petition against the Safe Schools program with more than 17,000 signatures from the Australian Chinese community has been tabled in the New South Wales Parliament.

This will no doubt confuse proponents of this PC program. And in brushing away this resistance they'll have to be very careful not to invoke any ethnic stereotypes. Could end up with an 18C complaint if they don't watch out! And won't that be a laugh if it happens ...

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  1. The Greens certainly love talking about diversity. Or, to be more precise, they love lecturing everyone else about diversity.
    Funny, because when you go to their own web page and look at their MPs, they're white white white all the way.