Monday, August 8, 2016

Lefties' fearful silence on Al-Faisal College "no gays" claim speaks volumes

Lefties are the most fearful people I know. As well as being afraid of those who lead them, they're terrified of people they themselves cannot control. This drives a lot of their obnoxious, bullying behaviour.

They project a lot of their own fears onto others as well. That's why two of their favourite terms of abuse are "homophobia" and "Islamophobia".

Of course any rational person would see that, given Islam's well known antipathy towards homosexuality, there will be occasions when these two accusations become, er, problematic for those so fond of making them.

And here's a good example: The headmaster of Al-Faisal College, an Islamic school in Sydney, has said that there are no gay kids at the school because they are taught how to behave at home.

Hard to think of a more clear example of "homophobia" than that. And just imagine if a Catholic school principal had made such a statement? Lefties right across this wide brown land would go ballistic en masse!

But forget hypotheticals. You may recall that way back in 1989 Queensland politician Bob Katter claimed that there were no gays in his electorate. So notorious was this comment among the sneering hipster set that it was still being derisively cited in the mainstream media many years later.

So, why no criticism of this recent claim by a Muslim?

Obviously, it's that ol' fear factor again. Gutless lefties are afraid of calling out this example of homophobia, for fear of being accused of Islamophobia.

Gawd but these people are pathetic. Just packin' death the whole time ...

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