Monday, August 1, 2016

Sonia Kruger triggers the Left again, now over LGBTI scholarships

Sonia Kruger is proving herself to be a total champ. Hot on the high heels of her comments about Muslim immigration (which I thought were tad OTT, but nonetheless understandable given recent events) she's now triggering the LGBTI SJW crowd by saying that students should get scholarships on merit, not according to which sex they wanna schtup.

What the hell is so unreasonable about that? It's just common sense. Just the mere fact that she's called the scholarship selection process "reverse discrimination" has outraged many. But that's exactly what it is, innit?

Hell, I can even remember a time when that was what some of its proponents called it. Then they changed it to "affirmative action" to make it sound all caring and sharing. (Lefties have form on this. They're always dodgying up the language to conceal their true motives. "Global warming" morphing into "climate change" is another example.)

Anyhoo, I'm glad Kruger has got the, er, cojonettes to say these things. She's definitely got the support of most of her viewers even if she's surrounded by right-on jellybacks. And the fat cats who are trying to censor her know this. That's why they won't sack her.

I'll bet the tragically PC drip David Campbell thinks he's actually preserving his career by tut-tutting Kruger for her wrongthink. But I think the opposite is the case.

Remember the line "Politics is showbiz for ugly people"? Yeah, well, the inverse holds as well. That is, showbiz is politics for the good lookin'.

The vast majority of Oz commercial TV viewers have had a gutful of this PC shit. And viewers vote with their eyeballs, so in the long run babes with backbone like Kruger will retain their constituencies (and therefore their careers) more than attractive airheads mouthing PC cant.

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