Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In SSM "shirtfront" Shorten "hectored" by rector but he's the real genuflector

Same sex marriage zealots constantly use deceit. Not surprising. Most if not all are cultural Marxists determined to tear down all our basic institutions, not just this one. If they were honest about their real goals they'd have next to no chance of having them realized.

That's why they've been assiduously pushing this line that anyone who has reservations about SSM is a hateful bigot. And what a steaming load o' bollocks that is. There are heaps of gays out there who are just going "meh" about the whole thing. And there are some who are actively against it. Are these people homophobic bigots too?

They're always on the lookout for even the slightest example of resistance to their Orwellian agenda so they can beat it up into some appalling example of "homophobic hate". Their allies in the meeja are of course delighted to flog the crap out of this asinine PC line.

This snippy interchange between Bill Shorten and Anglican rector Ian Powell is a case in point. In this article about it Malcolm Farr says that Shorten was "accosted" by Powell. Sure, he was forthright and had his say. But he also spoke positively about Shorten.

Also, Farr slimes the bloke by implying he was misquoting the Opposition Leader: "A search of Mr Shorten’s transcripts did not find a reference to opponents to same-sex marriage coming out from under a rock," he writes.

Well, actually Bill did say that, as this article makes clear.

So funny that the Opposition Leader said "don't hector me". That's exactly what the pro-SSM zealots are doing all the bloody time ... Hectoring, nagging and bullying is par for the course with lefties, anyhoo. They're the most hateful, primitive people you'll find. Nothing they love more than amassing in a pack and picking on an individual who won't toe their line and shouting him down, falsely accusing him of a whole slew of thought crimes.

Shorten himself is just a vacuous opportunist with no sincere belief on this issue either way. He's just gonna use it to bash the Government as much as he can, and promote his own career. He worships the god of power at all costs, which is why he tried to present himself as the reasonable one in this little episode. Unedifying, as usual.

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