Friday, August 19, 2016

Sydney not so liveable now because of terror threat

Not surprised that Sydney has dropped out of the top ten in a popular list of the world's most liveable cities because of concerns about terrorism. We've already had two fatal attacks here in recent years. And while the plods are obviously doing their best with the resources they have, I get the strong impression that there's no way they can prevent the inevitable. I think they're just hoping that it won't be a major attack like what happened in Orlando or Nice. It'll just be another lone wolf attack in which one or two people are killed.

But I don't think it's gonna pan out that way. Western Sydney is chockas with Islamists. And Islamic State has already been a factor in both the Lindt Cafe siege and the murder of Curtis Cheng in Parramatta. If they don't try to "go for gold" with something on a big, spectacular scale I'd be very surprised.

Given their loathing of gays and alcohol I'd imagine entertainment precincts like Oxford St would be high on their list of priorities. You'd think that given the perceived threat there'd be some kind of pre-emptive program of awareness raising in such areas. But there's been nothing like that as far as I can tell.

At the risk of seeming like a real misery guts, I think something truly horrendous is gonna happen, and fairly soon ... Some ISIS arsehole is gonna shoot up a nightclub or something. It will change this city forever. And the public lashing Baird's regime will get as a result will make the anger people are now feeling over the handling of the Lindt Cafe siege seem like the cooing of doves.

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