Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rouen bar fire seems suspiciously like terrorism to me

These days there are horrific stories of violence coming out of Europe and to a lesser extent the USA almost every week. Some lunatic goes crazy with a knife, gun, axe or truck. The plods and MSM spend the days afterwards trying to portray it solely as a crazy act committed by a poor soul afflicted with a mental illness.

Slowly but surely other details emerge. More often than not we find out the perpetrator is a young bloke with ties to Islamists. Predictably, the Left hangs on to their PC narrative. But everyone else just shakes their heads in disgust at being lied to yet again, and despair that their governments are so unwilling to act decisively to stop this scourge.

Sure, there's a danger of reading all reports of violence through the prism of Islamist terrorism. As Freud noted, sometimes a cigar is ... just a cigar. And a gruesome spree killing can still be a horrific, insane but non-political act. Still, the odds that Islamism will be proven to be a motivating factor are depressingly high.

That's why I think this report of a fatal bar fire in Rouen, Normandy's capital, seems like it may well turn out to be one of these terrorist acts.

This is the city where that priest was murdered, after all. And it's in a bar, the kind of venue perceived by jihadis to be a scene of wicked Western decadence.

Of course it could well have been an accident. If so it's still a huge tragedy. But I suspect details will gradually emerge pointing to the work of Islamic State or one of its lone wolf sympathisers.


  1. Used to be - in more intelligent times - that - in time of war, the benefit of the doubt was always with us - with our nation - and such times also often saw even strictly law-based nations set aside habeas corpus.

    Nowadays Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization's very worst enemy is being incited, encouraged and facilitated by the effectively-treasonous fascissocialists that comprise most governments -- and every bureaucracy.

  2. Yes , I think it could well be . Birthday party is said to have been for young policewomen and now two policewomen have been attacked in Brussels .
    Also conflicting stories keep occurring about an explosion and then fire or other way round. -- then we have someone tripping down stairs with lit cake candles and then not , just cake candles lit. Finally on one report I have saved a door is mentioned from basement to outside , which firemen used to get in somehow.
    I just don't think the accident described could do that much damage and cost in human lives so quickly if people witnessed it happening.