Thursday, January 5, 2012

Police arrest cockatoo-loving moonbats in Manning

A sure sign of the sheer madness of the deep green ferndamentalist movement (if there weren't enough already!) is how often they make nuisances of themselves in urban areas. I mean, it's one thing to protest about destruction of native flora and fauna out in the boondocks, but a stone's throw from the CBD? You've got to be joking. But they're not, of course ...

Not long ago a team of shrieking doctors' wives made a ruckus outside Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (which must have been embarrassing for some of their husbands working within it). Now, across the Swan River some dirty, smelly hippies have been arrested for chaining themselves to cherry pickers in Bentley Rd, Manning.

These people are clearly insane. Still, while their actions make no rational sense whatsoever, there does seem to be a strange consistency to them. That is that they were trying to save the black cockatoo (which hasn't been found nesting there, by the way). Kind of appropriate for a bunch of bloody galahs.

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