Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuxworth, Pendlebury, Peterffy should pay back the money they wasted

Geoffrey Tuxworth, Glen Pendlebury, and Simon Peterffy have gotta be the biggest bunch o' bozos since Larry, Curly and Moe. And at least those guys were funny!

By invading the Japanese vessel the Shonan Maru 2 the three stooges have done absolutely no good whatsoever for their purported cause of saving the whales. On the contrary, they've almost certainly set it back quite a bit.

Hell, even Julia Gillard could see the folly in it:

"The conduct of these three Australians in my view is unacceptable - engaging in illegal activity," she said.

"I feel very strongly about whaling... I know many Australians rightly do.

"But we are taking the most effective action we can against whaling through the International Court of Justice."

Now when the most gutless, aimless and shameless PM in the nation's history actually starts making sense and articulating the public mood, well, you've really hit a new low.

Not only did the stupidly provocative act further annoy the Japanese and make them more likely to remain defiant, the long suffering Aussie taxpayer now has to foot the hefty bill for the retrieval of this trio of meatheads. At the very least they should be made to cough it up themselves.

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