Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fools from Forest Rescue Australia deserve their Japanese punishment

One favourite tactic of extreme left-wing and deep green activists is to keep provoking their enemies relentlessly until they have to react somehow, then squealing with indignation when it happens. This so-called "hostage" situation on the Shonan Maru No 2 is a good example.

Three idiots from the group Forest Rescue Australia boarded the Japanese whaling vessel in the night and were captured by the crew. Obviously they were going to be held as a result. What did they expect -- some sushi and sake and a warm farewell the next morning?

Paul Watson showed amazing gall in interpreting the quite understandable reaction of the Japanese as something way out of line

Captain Watson said the activists had showed incredible daring to clamber aboard the Japanese vessel, as it was brimming with barbed wire and other devices designed to deter unwelcome boarders.

These people are behaving like spoiled brats. I don't give a tinker's what happens to them. And I think a lot of people who were sympathetic to their cause are rapidly becoming less so because of antics like this.

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