Monday, January 16, 2012

Gillard right. Anti-whaling activists irresponsible, not heroic

Gawd but the deep green, anti-whaling Left are a tragically infantile bunch. The poor little poppets are so utterly lost they believe that if you do something both stupid and politically pointless that puts good diplomatic relations at risk and requires the redirection over many miles of a large vessel at considerable cost to the taxpayer then you're not just cool -- you're a dinkum hero! (Check out the photo in this story.)

Heroes? No way. Spoiled brats, more like.

Please kids, you're middle aged. Grow up before it's too late. Sure, there may well have been a time when extreme acts against rogue whalers were justified. And there's no denying that zooming in front of bloody great loaded harpoons in little rubber dinghies certainly took some balls. But boarding a boat illegally under the cover of darkness was not nearly so risky. Risking a few scratches from razor wire? Piss-weak as! No guys, your glory days are well behind you. Now you're just annoying. Even Julia Gillard knows that.

While there is widespread revulsion at the activities of the Japanese whalers, more and more people are tiring of these silly anti-whaling antics. Hell, this sentiment may well even be spreading into the activist community itself, if this quote from the significant other of one of the recently returned moonbats is any guide:

"You never know what is going to happen when they do something like this," Mr Peterffy's partner Panda Broad said. "People are saying you've got to give him a kick up the backside when he gets home but I am so proud of him."

Who are these people? If they share Peterffy's views but abhor his actions then that is a very good sign indeed.

But Panda? She really shouldn't encourage Special Boy so. He'll just go and do it all over again.

(Sister, if you wanna wield some real feminine power, remember this: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. If you spare the rod you spoil the child. Still applies even if the child in question is pushin' fifty!)

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