Friday, January 20, 2012

Billie Jean King defends Margaret Court in Melbourne Park stoush

The reaction from gay rights activists to Margaret Court's comments about homosexuality is way over the top. I find her theories about how gays can be "cured" balmy and deserving of condemnation. I also don't agree with her description of homosexuality as involving "abominable sexual practices".

But her attitude to gay marriage is not exactly a fringe position. The idea that marriage can only be between a man and a woman has been pretty much standard across all cultures for thousands of years, and remains so. She seems extreme because petulant, shrieking gay rights zealots have done such a good job of intimidating those who don't toe their PC line. Almost everyone in Australia is terrified to defend what the majority of people privately believe and have done so for yonks! Margaret Court isn't and good on her for that.

Clearly, ideological bullies like Dr Kerryn Phelps would be happy if Ms Court never uttered another word on the matter. But they should be careful what they wish for. What would they have to bitch about then, eh? That's always a problem for the intolerant ideologue. When their demands are met they have to ratchet them up even more.

Which has happened with this issue already, come to think of it. This is primarily about gay marriage, remember. Not so long ago, it wasn't that big an issue even in the gay community -- let alone the rest of society. But now you're viciously denounced as homophobic if you don't approve of it. This makes no sense at all. What about out and proud gays who don't support the idea (they do exist, you know). Are they homophobic, too?

Hearteningly, Court has a defender from the, er, other side of the net. Proud lesbian and former tennis champ Billie Jean King has eloquently aced Court's detractors with a blistering serve (sorry readers, they were there, I had to take them). 

King rejects Court's views on homosexuality and gay marriage. However, she is equally angered at the suggestion made by Kerryn Phelps that Tennis Australia should consider renaming Margaret Court Arena.

"Get rid of her for that? Because you don't agree with her? Are you kidding?" King told the Desert Sun newspaper in Palm Springs, California. "Just because you don't agree with someone? Please. She deserves it.

Spot on.

Court was one of the greatest athletes this country has produced. Doesn't matter what her views are. Her record stands.

Hell, if you're gonna demand that any prominent citizen with non-PC views should not be publicly remembered then you'd have to rename half the buildings and streets in every city, as well as tear down a whole mess o' bloody great statues. While Phelps' demands are hardly, er, Pol Pot-esque, you can't help being a little alarmed at the ferocity of her desire to erase some of the evidence of this great sportswoman's achievements.

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