Sunday, January 15, 2012

Anti-whaling idiots unpunished; their group's racism not condemned

The three stooges from Forest Rescue Australia who illegally boarded the Shonan Maru 2 have been released. This completely discredits these nasty insinuations, made when the morons were first captured:

"We assume they have been taken prisoner by the Japanese and historically this has not been a good situation to be in," a spokesman for Forest Rescue told The West Australian this morning.

I doubt very much he was referring specifically to that nation's prior treatment of anti-whaling activists. Kiwi lunatic Pete Bethune, for example, got off very lightly. It seems very likely that he was slyly alluding to Japan's record of wartime atrocities. Just goes to show that you can be racist if you are greenie and never be condemned for it by the compassionistas of the mainstream meeja. Imagine the reaction if a spokesman for, say, the IPA had said such a thing.

So once again the ferndies pull off another utterly ridiculous and completely pointless publicity stunt and get away with it entirely. And the long suffering Aussie taxpayer has to foot the bill.

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  1. I was surprised the Japs let them get away with it. I wonder what they were bribed with. I would have loved to have seen those morons spend a little time in a Japanese prison. Now they'll come back to Australia to a heroes welcome and will only be further encouraged.

    Hindus don't eat beef, but they respect your right to eat it. Muslims & Jews don't eat pork, but they respect your right to eat it. But these greenie fanatics respect no one's right to eat whale. They just have to impose their values on everyone. Bastards.