Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tent Embassy fiasco and Gingerella's missing shoe

Whether you vote Labor or Liberal, you'd have to find seeing the nation's Prime Minister and Opposition Leader running in fear from an enraged mob of Aboriginal activists on Australia Day truly depressing. The fiasco showed just how ridiculous things have become in this country when it comes to racial politics -- not to mention politics generally.

Then there was the role of the media ... Basically Abbott made some quite reasonable remarks about the Tent Embassy. Shameless lefty hacks beat them up. It also looks like there might have been some very slimy tactics from within the PM's office itself:

Sydney radio presenter Ray Hadley today said he'd received information that Ms Shaw or another protester had received a call from a Gillard staffer about comments Mr Abbott made earlier in the day about the tent embassy.

"Once she was told that, she was also told Mr Abbott was across the road, 'maybe you can give them a bit of a liven up'," the 2GB presenter told his audience today.

"Barbara Shaw then went on stage and for all intents and purposes, incited people."

Apparently, this hasn't been confirmed. Still, considering what the scum-sucking sleaze merchants of Labor regularly get up to, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Well, whoever was ultimately responsible for things getting out of thand, and whether the AFP did overreact as some believe, the whole event bordered on the surreal.

Then there was Gillard's missing shoe. Couldn't help thinking it had a fairy tale quality to it. And others picked up on that Cinderella parallel -- including the very protestor who picked up the shoe!

As Ms Gillard was rushed from a Canberra restaurant yesterday after being trapped inside with the Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, for more than 20 minutes, her right Midas low-rise wedge shoe was lost in the melee.

It was found later by a protester who gleefully raised it above her head and cried, "Gingerella, come get your shoe."

While her actions were downright disgraceful, you have to give this person a coupla cool points for wit and timing. The ABC should hire her post-haste as a comedy writer. Not only would the choice be perfectly PC, but she's clearly far more talented than most of those already employed in that department. (Don't believe me? Watch any episode of The Hamster Wheel, Spicks and Specks or In Gordon St Tonight.)

But back to the shoe: The fact that it was a "Midas" was also weirdly apposite. Gillard's reign has been so disastrous, the woman clearly has a reverse Midas touch. Hell, anything she gets anywhere near rapidly turns to poo. If she does get the footwear item back, I wouldn't be surprised if she finds a dog turd stuck to the heel. 

And as to whether it is returned: Looks like it won't be. If it is sold on eBay as planned then this will show not just how mean spirited and opposed to true reconciliation the protestors actually are; it will also take Gillard's credibility down to a new low. I mean, imagine being a nation's leader, having your shoe nicked and not having the nerve and authority to get the bloody thing back?

You couldn't get any piss-weaker if you tried.

UPDATE: Kidnapped shoe returned to its traditional owner. Those advocating for footwear rights will be glad that justice has been served. (Not sure if the dog poo's been wiped off it, but.)


  1. "UPDATE: Kidnapped shoe returned to its traditional owner. Those advocating for footwear rights will be glad that justice has been served. (Not sure if the dog poo's been wiped off it, but.)"

    I think you'll find that poo is Tony Abbotts.

  2. Surely an opportunity would eventually have arisen to throw the shoe at Abbott. A truly brave, transgressive, ABC-approved protesty-type would surely have held on to it for that purpose.

  3. As the shoe belonged to Gillard and throwing it might signify some type of unrequited love for such an ugly man, I doubt that was ever going to happen.Alan Jones? Well just maybe.