Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greens weep for trees in Charles Riley Memorial Reserve

Here's another case of ferndamentalist quarterwits getting all bolshie about trees being felled within the Perth city boundaries. Just a week and a half after playing silly buggers in Manning, they're now all asquitter about plans to give 47 trees the chop at Charles Riley Memorial Reserve in North Beach.

When you think just how huge this state is, and also how much forest there is down south and even up in the hills outside this city, this activism seems very silly indeed. Anyway, Perth itself is hardly lacking in pleasant wooded areas.

But nup. They've just got to bitch about every little thing, don't they? I suspect they're quite relieved that they can moan and sulk about tree felling in the "urban forest" because they all live close to the CBD anyway. They have much less further to travel to demos, and can get back to their creature comforts quickly. Roughing it in tents out in the boondocks loses its allure very quickly. 

In typically crazy fashion, Greens MP Lynn McLaren said that "birds don't recognize local government boundaries".

What? Does she think they're, like, Australian citizens or something? Is she gonna start agitating for their right to vote?

Anyhow, invoking the welfare of birds is not such a hot idea considering that purportedly planet saving wind turbines so beloved by McLaren and her ilk have been killing the poor critters en masse.

What a tragically deluded fool she is. 

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