Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rude Jennifer Byrne berates "sexist" Christopher Hitchens

Like so many people right across the political spectrum I've always enjoyed watching Christopher Hitchens being interviewed or in debates. The bloke was amazingly articulate and insightful as well as having balls of steel.

So I made a point of catching an interview he did with Jennifer Byrne, which was broadcast again last night because of his death.

It was filmed last year. He didn't look too well then -- although I suppose he never really did on account of all the booze and durries. From what I can tell he got the cancer diagnosis in June 2010, and this was broadcast in July of that year. So he was probably fully aware of how sick he was at the time. If so, you'd never know from his demeanour. 

He's interesting as always, but Byrne comes across as a complete twit. She's giggling and mugging all the way through.

He clearly suspects she's a moron. And right near the end he's left in no doubt. They get onto the subject of whether women should work or not, and he says they should have the choice. Feminist bimbo Byrne takes this as an appallingly sexist insult against all of chickdom, and berates him for minutes -- right up until the end! He remains charming and unruffled by her rudeness, showing amazing restraint. 

As well as proving what a champ Hitchens was, the little episode gives a real insight into the retarded mindset of so many women (and men) working at their ABC. How can you possibly have a rational discussion with someone who thinks that saying women should have choices constitutes sexism? 

It's truly jaw-dropping stuff. Hearteningly, many other people who watched it were similarly dismayed, as this comment thread attests

The actual segment in question starts a bit over half way through this video if you want to have a look. 

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