Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anna Bligh invokes Michael Kirby after civil union bill passed

Anna Bligh is clearly not the sharpest pencil in the box. But she knows how to demonize her opponents. After last night's vote to legalise civil unions for same sex couples, she said this:

ANNA BLIGH: So let me conclude again with the words of Michael Kirby when he said, "Fortunate is a human being, straight or gay, who has such a lifelong love. Evil are those who would deny such a love to a fellow human being."

In other words, if you disagree with the decision you'r eeevil. What a nasty tactic to use. And sooo typical of the bullying, hectoring PC thought police.

Simply disagreeing with this change in the law doesn't mean that you want to deny homosexual people their love. It just means that you don't want their relationships to have the same legal status as heterosexual ones. That is discriminatory, and in the final analysis, it might even be wrong. But it's certainly not evil.

Hell, Anders Behring Breivik is evil. A sense of proportion here, please.

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  1. Don't get caught up one just one word 'Evil.' Try another synonyms like you used discriminatory. Remember everything in context. Otherwise the intended meaning is lost. Unless you were there when Kirby spoke or when Anna did you will not have the full context.