Thursday, December 8, 2011

Richard Glover, Peter FitzSimons interview to be a taxing exercize

One thing that defines lefties is utter shamelessness when seeking attention. And because they so often lack originality, and are just mouthing meaningless and sanctimonious platitudes much of the time, they are quite fond of using gimmicks in pursuit of this goal.

One good example is the silly 24 hour climate change themed comedy show by Brit Mark Watson. A local, upcoming one is the planned quackathon between smug ABC presenter Richard Glover and child-brained lummox Peter FitzSimons. The pair are going to try and break the Guinness World Record for longest one-on-one interview

These two tossers could bore a Sjogren's Syndrome sufferer to tears in a couple of minutes flat. Hell, if Le Boring Festival were dinkum, and not part of a Goodies episode, a mere soundbite of Glover and FitzSimons would be a shoo in for "Gold Bore". So I don't even want to think about what kind of human wreckage they'll leave behind after a whole 24 hours.

Obviously, no one will listen to this epic jawfest for any length of time willingly, unless they are already deeply disturbed. But there are people working in the ABC studio itself who will be forced to endure much of it. I pity them.

But I pity the long-suffering Aussie taxpayer even more. Surely he will be footing the bill for all the long hours of therapy (not to mention heavy duty anti-depressants) these poor souls will require in order to restore some semblance of sanity --- just as he had to cough up for the grotesque uber-wank in the first place.

UPDATE: FitzSimons is definitely a good sport. After finding this post he submitted a comment, which unfortunately didn't get through (which I think was because of default settings, since changed). When I replied to his query as to where it went he responded:

I posted a comment saying "Harsh but fair", even if it was ludicrously unfair.

Went through the whole process, and it was there on your site when I checked. But then it disappeared.



I think that bolded phrase perfectly captures the spirit of this blog. 

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