Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Occupy Melbourne tent fashionista gets dressing down

With apologies to Ted Nugent, here's an event that could be described as intensity in tent city. See, the cops have torn a tent dress from one of the Occupy Melbourne moonbats, and assorted quarterwits are all asquitter.

Milking the act for all its worth, the ranga drama queen said: "This is not consensual. Don’t take my clothes off.’’

That's some impressive victim-playing. She managed to weave in a false accusation of sexual harassment, as well as the standard "police brutality" line.

And that theme was adeptly picked up by fellow moonbat Tal Slome, who turned it into a wider critique of society:

Ms Slome described the incident as a "completely unnecessary form of brutality. Who decides what constitutes clothing in our society?"

I can see this incident being examined over and over in po-mo women's studies courses in coming years ... And maybe the gay rights crowd will take it up as well. After all, wearing a tent as a dress certainly qualifies as pretty camp.

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