Monday, December 12, 2011

Flyers used to frighten "scabs" in Fremantle

I've long been amused by the disconnect between rhetoric and reality in left-leaning cultures. Take unionism, for example. Unionists love to see themselves as tough but fair, big-hearted "salt of the earth" types. But they often get their way through abuse, intimidation and sometimes even outright violence.

Here's an illustration of their tactics in action:

Fremantle wharf workers accused of refusing to strike have been publicly branded scabs and "treacherous low-lifes" in intimidating flyers posted in the port city.

Flyers that name the five workers and accuse them of turning on their colleagues were posted anonymously in Fremantle late last week after vessel traffic operators and pilot boat crew took protected industrial action over a new enterprise agreement.

Truly nasty stuff. And cowardly to boot.

Still, it must be said that whoever made up the flyers does have an appreciation for literature

The poster quotes social activist Jack London's 1915 definition of a scab as a two-legged animal with a "corkscrew soul" and "a tumour of rotten principles" instead of a heart.

Lefties were forever accusing John Howard of wanting to "take us back to the fifties". But these guys are clearly stuck in a mindset several decades before that

Quoting a diatribe widely attributed to socialist writer Jack London is also a tad unwise considering the guy was a known racist.

Still, they're probably pretty safe on that score. The view of most MEAA-card carrying Aussie meeja workers is that London was the duck's nuts -- if they've even heard of him, that is.

But just imagine the squitterati's outrage if an eeevil employer were to quote another writer associated with the same odious attitudes.

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