Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Peter FitzSimons, Nicola Sturgeon exploit Brexit upheaval

Amazing to read about all the shenanigans going on in London after this clear, inspiring statement of British independence. Also amazing to watch Brexit's knock on effects.

Take here for example. Ever the optimist, "Pirate Pete" FitzSimons is trying to exploit the current upheaval to push his tired ol' dream of making Australia a republic ... But his position is incoherent. He says he was against the UK becoming independent from the EU. But because they did, we should now get rid of the Queen as our Head of State. Eh?

I mean, he would've made much more sense if he'd been for Leave all along, and made that known to Aussies. Then he'd be coming across as principled and consistent. But nup. The way he's behaving now just looks very cynical and opportunistic.

Anyhoo, in many ways it's an apples and oranges type situation ... And aside from Pirate Pete himself and a few of his sneering, elitist mates, hardly any Aussies are hot for a republic. I think people will just end up going "meh" at this latest republican push like they have done with all the others.

Over in the UK itself, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is also taking full advantage of Brexit and being highly obstructive, thereby annoying the crap out of millions of her countrymen. She's been saying that she's either gonna try to block the move out of the EU, or push for Scotland to separate from the UK! Such provocative actions hardly seem wise -- especially given that Scotland made a very clear decision to stay part of the UK not so long ago.

Sturgeon seems to be a very difficult character. And I've gotta say that given their choices in these last two votes, the Scottish people generally seem to be very confused. Talk about wanting to have it both ways!

Finally starting to understand that whole kilt thing, now ...


  1. Its pure opportunism in both cases Matt and frankly I don;t think a referendum in Scotland would be a winner because instead of having the pound they would have to have the in decline Euro

  2. Come that Saturday in September, Hankie Head will be telling the nation that this team's victory over that team proves we need to become a republic. FFS! If you asked him why the chicken crossed the road, he'd say 'Because it wanted an Australian Republic!'
    ARM set their cause back decades when they chose this bloke, and they seem to be the only people who don't know that.