Monday, June 27, 2016

Socialist reaction to Brexit bombshell reconfirms how right leaving was

Brexit continues to send shock waves throughout the world, with socialists all over the joint losing their shit big time. This massive global tanty just makes it even more obvious that the decision to leave the EU was the right one.

I mean, those voting Leave did so in major part because they were being dominated by a buncha unelected control freaks in another country. So what do these same control freaks and their fellow travellers across the globe do when they get told to sod off in no uncertain terms? They double down, don't take no for an answer ... Can you think of a clearer validation of those voting Leave's main motivation? I can't.

It's like when Milo Yiannopoulos  lobs at some ultra-PC Yank uni and says, "Students today are censorious". Rather than trying to wrongfoot him by letting him speak, they try to shout him down in the most hysterical way imaginable! In a way these idiots are more useful to him than to the creepy totalitarians that have brainwashed 'em.

Gawd. Imagine being that stupid ...

Anyhoo, I'm glad they keep reacting so predictably. As long as the fascist arsehats don't manage to get their way again, they'll just be speeding up the whole process of emancipation that the West has finally started to embark on.

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