Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Leftist rage at Eddie McGuire fuelled by denial over Sheik Shady?

This whole furore about Eddie McGuire's joke has left me with my jaw on the floor. It has to be one of the most OTT reactions from the usual suspects so far. Given how little it takes to trigger these gruesome crybullies that's saying something.

The most absurd aspect of this explosion of outrage is that it started around the same time Turnbull broke bread with Islamic luminaries including Sheik Shady Alsuleiman. This arsehat's recorded statements about gays and women are waaay more offensive than McGuire's offhand remark by any measure. (And given that they are pretty much par for the course for his religion they're even more disturbing.)

The imbalance in the reaction to these two issues from people who profess to care about social justice has been almost beyond belief ... And maybe the two phenomena are not just coincidental, but causally related?

It's quite likely that our beloved frightbats know damn well that Shady is far more problematic than McGuire. But political correctness demands that they are simply not allowed to criticize him. On the contrary, they must always cast Muslims as victims.

So this acts as a lid on their rage, which must go somewhere. White males -- rich and influential ones in particular -- are fair game. So they rail at them even more hysterically than usual.

With this collective delusion in play I suspect we'll see a spectacularly insane reaction next time a local Muslim says or does something misogynistic, homophobic, or -- God forbid -- genuinely terroristic.

At the same time as normal sane, adult folk are reeling in shock at it, fauxminists, frightbats and assorted pinko finger-waggers will be scouring the meeja for the tiniest transgression by a pale patriarch. Maybe they'll find a videotape of a Government MP saying "guys" or something ... Whatever it is, when they do, the commie crybullies will erupt in such an almighty cacophony of infantile squawking that this last collective shriek'll seem like the cooing of doves, no kidding.

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