Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sam Newman is right. Squawking slebs are excrement-al as anything!

This squawkfest over Eddit McGuire's Caro joke just gets sillier and sillier. Firstly, he didn't trivialize domestic violence by making an offhand joke. But even if he had it would not have made it any more (or less) likely that men bash their wives.

Some pundits have observed that it was odd that it took so long for the story to gain prominence. That's because no one even noticed it as a "transgression" when it aired. It only ended up on the meeja radar in the first place because a bunch of tiny-minded SJWs who spend their every waking hour looking for stuff to arc up about did so on some stupid podcast. Even many of those now railing most zealously at McGuire would not have been offended at the time. They are trying way too hard to be outraged. And it shows.

This idea that mainstream media personalities have great responsibility as role models is just bollocks. Slebs take themselves way too seriously. Actually, most of the public think they're right tossers. And their pomposity in believing their words can shape society just confirms this view of them.

All that's going on here is that a bunch of vicious hypocrites who think their shit doesn't stink are cynically exploiting the serious issue of domestic violence to lift their own profiles. They should hang their heads in shame. (But given their utter shamelessness, I think that's too big an ask.)

Speaking of shit and shamelessness, Sam Newman is now causing conniptions with his use of the term "excrement" to describe those who have been fulminating so selectively over the issue.

Needless to say, the usual suspects are using this as more evidence of "misogyny". But Aussie fauxminists, so desperate to play the victim, are not aware they have no case. That's because even by their own, er, "logic", made official by AOTY David Morrison, he was only referring to the blokes. "ExcreMENt" is gender specific, innit.

In any case Newman made some good points in his Footy Show spray, such as his observation that Caro made no such ruckus when pretty much the same "drowning" joke was made by her own radio station. So, it's not just ideology that drives the lies of the SJWs. It's also commercial competition.

Forever lusting for power, fame and money these bolshie bimbos and himbos have become batshit crazy as. Blech! What a smelly spectacle.

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