Sunday, June 26, 2016

Remainiacs' baying about Brexit typical of denialist Left

There's obviously sooo much that can be said about the truly earth shattering win for the Brexit campaign. But I think the main takeaway from the solid spanking given to Remainiacs is that the politically correct elites can nudge, threaten, and slime all they want -- but in the end the people will make their own decisions, if given the chance. Democracy works. And it rocks!

And it truly was democracy in action. After all, it wasn't just fusty Tories who voted Leave. People from across the political spectrum said "EU-se can all go get stuffed!". That's what made the outcome extra-delicious.

But this bold expression of national pride left PC lefties in particular with a very sour taste in their mouths ... Hmm. Isn't it interesting how the Left often proclaim that they're all for "people power". But when the people go against 'em, they say: "The people are stupid." WTF? They can't have both ways.

It's not unlike their bob-each-way line on racism in America. For years they whined that Seppos were all a pack o' racist rednecks. Then they elected Obama -- twice. What, so the whole nation suddenly became attitudinally reconstructed? What a joke. If Trump wins later this year they'll revert to their old pre-Obama fave, no doubt ...

It's like that epic line from A Few Good Men. They can't handle the truth! So they engage in all kinds of projection -- calling critics "denialists", for example.

Yeah, well, in this case I think that particular label is no longer libel. It describes them perfectly. Lefty Remainiacs have been crying that the Leavers are all old, dumb, or emotional ... Oh, FFS! Clearly, they won't face reality.

If they stopped clinging so desperately to their precious PC Narrative and saw things afresh they might actually learn something. Then they could compete with actual arguments, instead of relying on their traditional tactics of deceit and intimidation.

But in this case they've been true to form: petulant, hypocritical and incoherent -- most shrilly with their claims that bitter oldsters were mainly to blame for their loss.

Well, if right-on millennials wanna fixate on age as a factor then why not blame their own lazy demographic for not getting off their arses to vote!

In any case, their railing at codgers is so hypocritical. One of the major forms of discrimination SJWs say they wanna ban is ageism, remember. Yet when they don't get their way they are worst offenders. Kids today, eh!

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