Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lefties exploit Jo Cox murder as they did the Gabrielle Giffords shooting

It's still so soon after this horrific murder of Jo Cox. So I suppose pretty much any commentary on it can be seen as political exploitation. That said, clearly some of it has been way OTT. These articles by Louise Mensch and Brendan O'Neill nail what is so repellant about those who immediately started inferring that the Brexit campaign was to blame.

Brings to mind a similarly horrific event in Tucson, Arizona a few years ago. A nutter called Jared Lee Laughner opened fire on a political meeting. His main target was Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, whom he shot at close range. Miraculously she survived. Tragically, six others did not

In the immediate aftermath of this ghastly massacre it was suggested that Loughner was motivated by a Sarah Palin ad that displayed crosshairs on a map to denote areas targeted by a Tea Party campaign. Not surprisingly no causal link was established. But that didn't stop numerous pundits and politicians across the western world from piling onto Palin. Truly disgraceful stuff.


  1. The story of Jo Cox is at least as interesting as the story of her killer.

    1. Thanks for this info. Interesting ... Also, I read somewhere that as well as winning the whole referendum (as we all know!) the Leave campaign also did very well in Cox's own electorate.